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How To Enable And Disable Safe Mode On iPhone X?

The Apple iPhone X comes with a Safe Mode functionality that lets users access the iOS safely, if you ever have the need for any troubleshooting to tackle problems with your device.

Also, it is key to turn on Safe Mode on the iPhone X if any app does not work properly or if your iPhone X device continues to restart.

The Safe Mode functionality on the Apple iPhone X gives iPhone X users the power to uninstall applications and get rid of bugs securely, without having to worry about worsening the issue.

This tutorial will break down how you can enable or disable Safe Mode on your Apple iPhone X.

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How Can I Enable Safe Mode On Apple iPhone X?

  1. Hold the Power and Home button simultaneously.
  2.  As soon as the screen turns black, take your finger off the Home button but keep holding the Power button.
  3. Immediately the Apple logo is visible, hold the Volume Up button till the springboard begins to load.
  4. If the phone is in Safe Mode, you will realize it because the tweaks will no longer be under “Settings.”

Also note that when the Apple iPhone X is in Safe Mode, this disables every 3rd-party service and applications till the iPhone X is out of Safe Mode.

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This will aid you to get into your phone rapidly, enable or disable anything you have to, and then restart the phone.

The steps highlighted above will enable you to enter Safe Mode on your Apple iPhone X.

Plus, this can come to your rescue when you have troubles with a specific app and you need to rectify problems with it.

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