How To Hide From A Spyware


Spyware is no friend.

Just see it as a software that spies on your Internet browsing activities, records keystrokes, and collects almost any type of data including your personal information such as your sacred banking details, login IDs and passwords.

To help you to stay away from this unwanted guest, here are tips to avoid a spyware attack and keep your data safe.

1. Turn Off Autorun

Anytime you use a USB device with your computer, if a window appears giving you options to view folders or files, then your system’s autorun feature is enabled. This feature is one of the common ways malware such as Trojan, worm, spyware, and so on get installed, automatically, on your system.

2. Stay Away From Free Adware

My people will say “Awuf dey run belle.” This is true. The Internet is filled with s many free software; they are in your faces all the time. While so many of them can come in handy, you never know if they contain applications your computer should stay away from. Even the most cute-looking software can come with spyware. Always research the source before trusting it to make any change on your computer.

3. Flee From Popup Ads

You must have seen these online ads that pop out from nowhere. Ignore such ads as often as possible. Even if they display “Cancel” or “Close” buttons, do not attempt to click it. Simply right-click on the border of the window at the top and select “Close”.

4. Avoid Downloading Attachments From Unknown Emails

This should be straightforward. Always thread with caution before clicking on links or downloading attachments in email messages you did not expect or know nothing about; especially emails from unknown senders. You may also receive emails that appear to be from your bank or trusted online store. Even in such cases, be careful. If you must check the link out, first verify its URL and manually type it in your Internet browser.

5. Ensure Your Popup Blocker Is ON

One effective way to block popup ads is to enable the popup blocker in your browser. However, it should be noted that some websites may need those popups for certain functions on their site. So, you may choose to turn OFF this feature for your websites you have 100 percent trust in.

6. OS And Software Should Always Be Up-To-Date

If your OS is outdated or you have a software that needs updating, this could be a cybercriminal’s master key to getting into your computer. Outdated software is vulnerable, and this can be easily manipulated by a hacker to plant spyware and other malware on your computer.


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