How To Know If Your Google Pixel Device Is Waterproof Or Water-Resistant?

What you dread the most just happened, your smartphone mistakenly fell into a puddle and the popular rice-in-a-bag solution has not helped. Sadly, water protection is not always guaranteed even though that will no longer be the case soon since newer smartphones now have this feature.

If you are searching for a new smartphone, purchasing one that can resist water will guarantee your peace of mind. (Just so you know, no current device is fully “waterproof” because none are totally unaffected against water damage.

So for whoever fancies a Google Pixel, this is all you have to know about the water-resistant specs for the device’s 3 iterations:

1. The Original Google Pixel Is Not Waterproof

If you really fancy the water protection feature. You will have to persist with the search because the original Google Pixel phone is not waterproof or water-resistant. However, if you are searching for a brand new device via the manufacturer, you should not bother in any way, Google has stopped selling the original Pixel model.

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2. Google Pixel 2 Models Are Water-Resistant To An Extent

Google revealed that Pixel 2 models come with a “water-resistant metal unibody with a grade of IP67,” under the set standards from IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission,) the commission in charge of all things related to waterproof and dust-resistance. “IP67” means that the Pixel 2 device can be in about one meter of of water for 20 minutes, as per Trusted Reviews.

Therefore, even if the Pixel 2 is not hundred percent waterproof in every situation, and you are not expected to actually attempt to test it underwater, the device can handle it when it unintentionally gets out of your grip, into a drum of water.

The device will also give you a 2 year warranty if it purchased via Google. Do not forget though, the charger and other accessories to the smartphone are not water resistant, its a warning from Google.

3. The Google Pixel 3 Is Slightly More Water-Resistant

The Pixel 3, Google’s most recent iteration of the device, is rated IP68, meaning it is slightly more water-resistant than the devices that came before it. It can cope with being in about 1.5 meters water for half an hour, as per Trusted Reviews.

Also, the water-resistance does not cover the device’s charger or other accessories.

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4. How The Google Pixel 3 Is Faring Against Competition?

Comparing, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XS have an identical rating – IP68. Same with the Google Pixel 3.

However, Samsung revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is rated just for freshwater. Meanwhile, Apple disclosed that its IP68-rated iPhone XS’ maximum depth is 2 meters.

Water-resistance is unique out of the several features a phone can give you. This is why Google’s Pixel 3 stands out. But before buying one, ensure you confirm if or not the warranty takes care of water-related damage because some phone brands, like Samsung for example, will not engage in any replacement if your device gets waterlogged.

Get a waterproof case too, to be on the safe side.

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