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How to know if your Smartphone Supports Wireless Charging

Thanks to technological advancements, Smartphones of five years are not the same as smartphones of today, their quality and capability (software & hardware) have improved tremendously. One hardware feature that has brought convenience to our usage of smartphones is wireless charging.

Wireless charging is a technology that allows the charging of smartphones without cable. Instead, charging is done by placing the smartphone on the charging device called a charging pad.

Most smartphone users have never used the wireless charging technology to charge their device, that is because they are unsure whether their smartphones support the technology. In this article, we’ll show you how to check if your smartphone supports wireless charging.

  • Manufacturer’s website

You can easily check if your smartphone supports wireless charging by simply visiting the manufacturer’s official website. Type in your smartphone’s mobile into the search box and you will be shown the entire specification of your smartphone. If it supports wireless charging, it will be stated.

  • User Manual

The user guild is a small booklet that comes with phone when it is purchased. It contains information on how to set the device up and specifications of the phone. If you read through it carefully, you should find ways through with your device can be charged with a wireless connection.

  • Bench-marking websites

If you check your phone’s manufacturers website and phone user’s manual and found nothing, another place you could check for such information is a benchmarking website. Most benchmarking websites display accurate details, features and other information about smartphones and other devices.

Simply visit the bench-marking website (GSMArena and PhoneArena are good examples) and type the model of your smartphone into the search box. Immediately the full phone specification is displayed, scroll to the battery or charging section to see if wireless charging is mentioned.

Other things to NOTE:

  • You can still charge your smartphone via cables even if your smartphone supports wireless charging.
  • Also, charging via cable is much faster than wireless charging at least for now. So, if you want fast charging, then you shouldn’t concern yourself with wireless charging.
  • Although, if you’re after neatness and convenience, wireless technology is a great technology to have.
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