How to know who is connected to your WiFi and block it

Suspecting that someone steals your internet connection is very common nowadays, that’s why we’ll teach you how to see if someone is connected to your WIFI, in this way you’ll be able to block and disconnect any intruder from your network. 

For this, we will use a tool called Netcut, which will let us know how many computers are connected to your WiFi network and disconnect them.

If you start to notice that your Internet connection is slower, one of the reasons could be that someone has invaded your network, even at this time your neighbor could do it, and you would not notice.

To solve this problem, it is important to know the IP addresses of the devices in our home. Since the program we will use, will show us the IP of all devices connected to our wifi.

If an unknown IP address appears in the list, I’ll just have to block it to prevent it from continuing to use our internet connection.

To make things easier for you, in case you do not know how to display your IP address, we’ll leave you two articles explaining how to do it both on a PC and on a mobile device: How to know the IP of your computer

What is Netcut?

Netcut is one of the easiest-to-use programs for managing the LAN, but it has important features. These include- Prohibiting the connection to our local network of certain devices, cloning Mac addresses, etc.

This tool can be very useful for users who suspect that someone is accessing their WiFi network without their permission. In a few seconds, we can know who is using it and cut off access to possible intruders.

When stuck with Netcut, the disconnected device will still show the active WiFi connection, but no data packets will be sent or received. Therefore, it will be disconnected from the Internet and therefore will no longer be able to reduce our browsing speed or attack our network.

How to see who connects to your WIFI

Finally, we will see the steps to see who connects to our WiFi network. The first thing you will do is go to the official Netcut website and download the installer in its latest version (currently version 3.0). 

Install the tool following the steps of the wizard and, once completed, it will take you to the Netcut website where you can see all the devices connected to the network.

Now to block intruders, you have to do the following:

  1. Examine the devices that appear connected to the Users tab of the network.
  2. If you have IP addresses that do not belong to your devices, then they could be intruders.
  3. To lock them, you must click on the WiFi icon and move immediately to the disconnected device zone.

You can try yourself by disconnecting one of your phones. You can also name each device in the name to easily identify the next time you use the software.

If you want to block intruders in your WiFi, you can not lose it.

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