How To Make Your Internet Devices Consume Less Data Irrespective Of The Provider


You won’t be blamed if you should say that some Android and Windows devices consume internet data subscription often. You will subscribe for Megabit this minute, within a twinkle of an eye, that Megabits that should have lasted for weeks, possibly a month will just drain off just like that without you doing the basis of your subscription. Are you experiencing this issue? Some people have laid blames on the provider they are using thinking that it is the main reason they are experiencing such issues, even to the extent that some people will drop their Sim cards and buy another one from another provider thinking that the problem will stop but the funniest part of it all is that we realized that even after switching to another provider, the issue still persists.

There are many factors that might contribute to Android or Windows to consume many Megabits than it ought to have consumed, one major reason is that there are many unnecessary apps running in the background. In case you are experiencing this, u need not worry, this is one of the reasons we decided to deliberate on this threatening factor, so in this article, we will see possible ways you can make your internet device consume fewer data. For example, how you can make your 1GB data subscription last for a month on your Android or Windows.

Tips On How To Make Your Data Subscription Last Longer

  1. The first thing you have to do is to quickly go to your Phone Settings
  2. At Phone Setting, click on Data Usage
  3. At this point, you have to click on the two up and down arrow on the right of any app that the usage of internet data is irrelevant to you
  4. Immediately, you will be given a three-option just click on OFF option because doing this will restrict the app from using your connection

  1. Continue this process to all the irrelevant apps on your phone if you really want to save your internet data from being u in the background.

If in case you later require the activities of those apps you offed, all you have to do is to repeat this process and select ON.


If you carefully follow the above guideline leaving the necessary apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Chrome to run on your background, you will see that the amount of data your device consumes will be absolutely low.

Note- Using this process, you can turn off other annoying apps like Themes and Launchers that pop out unwanted ads.


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