How To Root Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 Pro

Most Android users by now know the benefits of a rooted device and would want to root their new phones as soon as they get their hands on them. If you are the owner of a shiny new Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 Lte, here is the complete guide on how to root your new phone.


N/B; While all steps below are absolutely detailed and correct, will not be held responsible in the event of a brick or any other such misfortune.
  In order to successfully root your Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE device, these two steps should be considered very important.
  • Download & Flash TWRP via SP Flashtool into your Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 Pro.
  •  Download & Flash to root Infinix Note 3 X601 & Note 3 Pro via TWRP.

Requirements & Download files (for TWRP Recovery Porting)

Step 1

First, you should flash or port TWRP Recovery image on your Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 Pro using SP Flashtool on PC.
Step 2
Download SuperSU for Infinix Note 3 | Download here
Step 3
Locate and copy file to the root folder of your SD card or phone storage.
Step 4
Boot your phone to recovery mode. ( vol down/up + power button)
Step 5
Once in recovery mode ,find the “install zip from SD card” option and then use the volume rockers to navigate to saved on your SD card.
Step 6
Click on, then wait for it to install.
Step 7

Reboot your device and your root should be all set and done.


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