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How To Shoot Better Videos On iPhone

Want to shoot better videos on your iPhone? Then read on. We will be teaching you how to shoot better videos on your iPhone in this article.

It’s been long I’ve seen a standard camera. Almost, if not all of out camera needs are met with the camera on our smartphones. Thanks to Phone manufacturers who have been improving smartphone cameras. We started with just one camera, move on to two and now we’ve got some OEMs putting 3 Cameras on their device. Phones like the Huawei P20 Pro and Leagoo S10 are just the pioneers with 3 cameras. Others will follow soon.

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With this kind of camera power being added on to Smartphones, one can’t help but wonder what our phone camera can really achieve in terms of shooting high-quality videos. iPhone devices have not been left out. They have been on the two camera trend since the iPhone 7 Plus and have since improved on their cameras since then. Bringing even more juicy stuff on the latest iPhone X. Things like the ability to shot 4K videos, OIS(Optical image stabilization) on both cameras and a whole lot more.

The next iPhone will likely come with a 3 rear camera given the new trend. But we will have to wait and see. For now, we will have to make do with the dual camera set-up on our iPhone devices and Just look for a way to Improve our video shoots.

How To Shoot Better Videos On iPhone

  1. Ditch The Stock Camera App – The Stock camera app on the iPhone is good but not good enough to shoot professional Videos. If you are shooting for maybe Instagram or just Snapchat then you can the Apple’s stock camera. If not, then get Another camera app that will give you more options to play around with to further help you shoot high quality and professional videos. I’ll recommend the FiLMic Pro which isn’t free and goes for $15 dollar but is definitely worth it.
  2. Do Not Zoom – Zooming before recording kills the video quality. Everyone knows this. So try as much as possible to avoid zooming. Do you want to see something clearer? Go closer. Want to shoot something up close and personal? Move closer.

Nice camera accessory: 12X Optical Zoom Telescope for smartphone. Have you seen this?

  1. Always Shoot Horizontally – Shoot vertically isn’t bad. That is if it is just for the gram or Snapchat or Facebook. But try watching your vertical video on your TV and see how it looks it. Or try watching your Vertically recorded videos horizontally on your device and see how it looks like. Bad right? I know. Horizontal is the standard for a better video.
  • Lightning Is Important – Most phones do take pretty nice pictures and not so bad videos in low light but not as good in a well-lit environment. Lightning is key for better videos. Be it outdoor or indoor, if you want to get a more better video quality, get some lightning and see the difference.

  • Conclusion

    You can also crank up your camera to shoot 4k videos at like 60fps if it ain’t already enabled. You can also do a whole lot more via the settings app of the stock iPhone camera or a third party app. Who needs a DSLR when you’ve to get your iPhone?

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