How To Track Packages From Chinese Online Store

Chinese shopping for many people is everyday life. However, there are still questions about how to shop safely, where to track orders or what happens to it. In this guide, I decided to answer the last two questions.

Track Packages From Chinese Online Store

Tracking Number  – tracking number, is the number by which we can track the path of our shipment from the place of sending to the destination. Of course with some exceptions, which I will discuss later.

We must bear in mind that “Tracking number” do not show to us immediately after placing the order. You probably wonder why this is happening? Well, the answer is simple – due to system updates and delays in the transmission of information. We can wait up to 10 days for the status updates (from the date of sending). After this time, please contact the seller.

Here you can find the most common types of shipments in Chinese stores –  What type of shipping from China should you choose? The most popular shipments from Chinese stores.

Sample tracking applications (PC):


Examples of tracking applications (Android / IOS):

Alipaczka (Android),17Track (iOS / Android)



Go to the “My Orders” tab

ali1.thumb .PNG.715d204871ac7dcb8636db00b1c15168

Then select the product you want to check and click “Track Order”


At the very bottom, we see “Tracking number” or the number of our shipment. (The shipment number is on each SEND shipment – We will not find this number when the order has the status “Awaiting Delivery” or “Paid”

ali3.thumb .PNG.2c1160b2f8e137a565395e4a28b1481d

We can use Alipaczka17Track, or TrackChecker or any other by copying and pasting the “Tracking Number” in the text field.

ali4.thumb .PNG.50fdc8a583a2082eac633263428fdcf1


As before, go to the “My Orders” tab


We select the product and click “Track your shipment”

gb2.thumb .PNG.bb11b13eeecbcbe5394b61e43445478a

In the “Tracking Number” field there is our parcel number. As previously we wrote the number, you can conveniently copy to Alipaczka17Track, or TrackChecker. (The number is visible from the moment of “Split Delivery”)

gb3.thumb .PNG.d5fd4bfb13a53a7035e823bd360c7a70


As before, go to the “My Orders” tab

t1.thumb .PNG.70c846006141f91cab05e516bbb5fcc7

In the “Tracking info” tab the shipment number is given along with the form of delivery. By clicking on the number we will be transferred to the equivalent of Alipaczka17Track, or TrackChecker.

t2.thumb .PNG.ddf15009c50b9da03b388d308c3492c0

Have a great day ahead.

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