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How to unlock Xiaomi bootloader, install Firmware & install custom Rom with XiaoMi Tool V2

Xiaomi smartphones (with the exception of those sold with Android One), come from the hand of MIUI, the level of customization (or fork, to be more precise), which they come with. Usually, if we buy these devices in Italy, they will come with their global ROM, which is meant to work properly outside of China.

However, the aggressive prices of Xiaomi in China make it logical to consider its import, even if it is not always so, we could also buy, if we are not careful, a Xiaomi with a ROM in perfect Chinese.

If we want to change this ROM for the Global version, the famous Xiaomi.eu or simply to customize our Xiaomi, we just have to download the tool that we will talk about today. This is the classic all-in-one tool through which we can run multiple processes with just a couple of clicks, so it’s worth a look.

My Tool V2

My Tool V2 is a program developed by an independent developer from Xiaomi, so the tool is not official. Furthermore, when we make a profound change to the system (such as unlocking the bootloader), we lose the guarantee (unless we can close it again), something that should be taken into consideration. 

Having said that, let’s proceed to see what it offers us. The tool works all over the world, so we can choose between different regions- Europe, India, China and Russia. In our case, we select Europe and move on to the next screen.

Here, important, we are shown two options. The first is the one we have to choose, the one on my device works normally, I don’t want to change it.

Why? Well, due to the simple fact that the second option, to restore a device that does not work, is currently not active, although the developer promises to work on it. 

After selecting the first option, we need to connect our mobile.

To make it work well with it, USB debugging must be active, which is found in the development settings.

  • To access it, go to Settings > About phone > MIUI version and click on it seven times
  • Within the developer’s settings we will find the USB debugging option, we activate it.

How to unlock Xiaomi bootloader, install Firmware & install custom Rom with XiaoMi Tool V2

These are the options we find available in this program.

Once this option is selected, we just need to connect the phone via cable to the computer and start navigating through the sea of ​​options it offers us. The main menu allows us to see four options.

  • Install the official Xiaomi ROM
  • Install a custom ROM on Xiaomi
  • Edit your Xiaomi
  • Roots an Xiaomi phone
  • Install the recovery twrp on Xiaomi
  • Unlocking the bootloader
  • and more …

In our case, we have unlocked the bootloader of a Xiaomi Mi 9T with this tool and installed TWRP Recovery thanks to it. The strength of the service is that it looks for the files to be installed by itself (even if sometimes it is convenient to look for them and configure them, because not all the files are updated) so if you don’t know where to find them, there is no problem.

While this tool is in the Alpha phase, it has been running for some time and, after our tests, we can make sure that, in our case, it worked just fine. Basically, what it does is connect the phone via fastboot to our computer and send the files from it. In other words, it saves us from opening the command console by ourselves to execute the process by hand.

Download | XiaoMiTool V2

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