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How to Use two WhatsApp in One Android Device Without Root


Being able to use two WhatsApp in one android device can come in pretty handy. Different people need to two WhatsApp accounts for different reasons. Some use one of their WhatsApp account for personal conversations with friends, family and close friends and wouldn’t want to use the same account for business or chat with work colleagues or some other stuffs. When this kind of case arises, the best thing to do is to look for a way to use two WhatsApp on your android device so as to allow you use one for personal conversations and the other for whatever you feel like using it for.

WhatsApp themselves have simplified the whole process by bringing out a new WhatsApp Business app which you can download on a device you already have the original WhatsApp installed. The WhatsApp Business app have been designed to help you better communicate with your clients/customers and also make your business known via your profile which carries some space for you to provide some additional information about your business. So if the second WhatsApp app you want is for you business then you’re better off downloading the WhatsApp Business App.

To download the WhatsApp Business App, just go to the Google Play Store and search for the app. Click on it when it comes up and download. However, if you’re interested in running two of the normal/original original WhatsApp on your android device and not one WhatsApp and one WhatsApp Business then follow the steps below.


How to Use two WhatsApp in One Android Device

There are so many apps on the Google Play store known as cloner apps which can do this for you. What this apps do is just to make compatible apps on your phone double, triple or more depending on how many of that particular app you want cloned. When cloned, you can then use those apps like individual apps on your phone. Cloning the WhatsApp on your phone means you get two of the same WhatsApp on your phone which you can log in to two different accounts on those two WhatsApp apps and operate them individually.

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The most downloaded and most talked about cloner app is the “Parrallel Space” app with which you can generate multiple WhatsApp applications on your android phone. The app also has a lite version which can be used on low-end android devices (like android devices running Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition). The app very easy to use and pretty straightforward.

  • First, Download the App from the Google Play Store. (Either the Parallel Space App or the Parallel Space Lite App)
  • Once it is done installing, Open the app.

  • The app will scan through your android device and bring out the list of apps that can be cloned which WhatsApp will surely be among those listed.

  • Click on WhatsApp for it to clone the app and install it on your device. From here, you can now use a second WhatsApp account through the cloned WhatsApp.

Some other Apps Cloning like “Do Multiple” allow for cloning of apps up to Six. This means you can clone WhatsApp six times and have six WhatsApp account running on six different WhatsApp all in one android phone. With the methods above, you can use two WhatsApp in one android device or even three.

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