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HP Omen Vector – Wireless Gaming Mouse with Promising Features

The very fact that HP has gone this far means that the company is serious about gaming. In addition to that, the company just bought another gaming outfit. However, the new gaming mouse shows that HP is ready to make life easier for gamers this year and beyond.

Why is Omen Vector Mouse Special?

It comes with seriously promising specs that users love. The team responsible for manufacturing the mouse has been around for eight years, so we can confidently say that they know what it means to satisfy the customer.

Hp Omen Vector Wireless Mouse
Hp Omen Vector Wireless Mouse

This accessory is cleverly made, convenient for use and it comes with a clever design. The battery life is one its greatest blessings. It can operate for 180 hours without the battery needing any charge. Another beloved feature is the eSport-grade sensor, the 1ms polling rate, fast charging capabilities and more.

It Offers Comfort and Convenience

Weighing only 103 grams, you don’t get tired from lifting it and putting it down because the weight is so insignificant you may not even feel any burden on your wrist. The large frame doesn’t account for weight in any way.

Yet, it is massive on six programmable buttons, and there are 16,000 DPI maximum sensitivity for the device. It is also excellent for palm and claw grip. Most adults will find it easy to use for gaming and working.

Hp Omen Vector Wireless Mouse 1
Hp Omen Vector Wireless Mouse 1

Epic Battery Life

Surely, the battery life touched on briefly above, is one of the highlights of this mouse. The claims by HP about 180 hours have been put to the test and it was true, as it could take forever before it needs another charge. Some people may even forget that the mouse will need charging because they have been using it for very long without a charge. Anyway, the charging period depends on the RGB lighting settings. But the battery-saving settings allow for maximum performance.

Equitable Software

Omen Mouse software allows the user to contemplate various settings and choose which works best. The DPI presets, lift-off distance, RGB lighting control, and polling rate. The polling rate is from 100 to 16,000. The lift-off distance is hardly different, but an astute user will definitely have preference for one setting out of those two.

If you want, you could make the DPI change to do something else. You can record macros, change key presses or opt for media playback options. But there’s no option to create a range of profiles. That means whatever setting you choose is what will work. Trying to switch from ‘game’ mode to ‘work’ mode doesn’t exist in this mouse software.


Good design

Good grip

Epic battery life

Good for gaming


No profiles for settings

The mouse can make sounds you don’t want to hear


HP Omens Mouse is not perfect in every way. It’s not the lightest or most beautiful mouse you have ever seen. But it could be the most powerful when it comes to battery life. However, as users commented, this is perhaps the most comfortable and responsive mouse out there.

Some gamers will prefer it because it is a wireless design.

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