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Huawei Launches The Gorgeous Jewel Smart Watch

If Huawei had arrived to the smart-watch league with it’s Huawei Watch, well its arriving in style and a lot of oomph with its two gorgeous models this time. The two new smart-watches by Huawei were unveiled at the CES 2016 and dazzled everyone by their mere presence. The watches have been named ELEGANT and JEWEL (rightly so) and are accurately self-descriptive.


Unlike the first Huawei Watch, these watches are swanky and flamboyant. The devices have been specially designed for today’s women who are professional workers but love to keep in touch with their feminine side. Both watches have the same general specifications as the Huawei watch but differ notably in their designing and materials used. The Elegant is more subtle of the two variants.

The latest smart-watch in news is the Huawei Watch Jewel because of the 68 1.5mm Swarovski  Zirconia crystals nested in the bezel surrounding the display screen. The body is stainless steel with rose gold plating which further adds a premium touch.

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It sports a beautiful blue genuine leather strap that adds to the bling appeal of the watch. Apart from this, the watch has the same 1.4 inch AMOLED display with  scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass. The 400*400 pixel resolution and 286ppi pixel density gives great display. They feature 10 exclusively feminine watch faces that women will identify with.

The device runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop and is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Considering that the watches are aimed at the ladies, they have a larger 44mm dial compared to the 42mm dial of the original Huawei Watch, but guess that is to enhance the dial face of the watch. Other than its stunning looks, it is your standard Android wear with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and sensors for tracking physical activity and weather changes. The device is powered by a 300mAh battery that should last you a good number of days.

Keeping aesthetics aside, there is an additional feature to this Huawei Watch variant which is that it houses a speaker which allows to make and receive calls (not sure if I would like that). The Jewel is essentially a piece of jewellery with smart-watch features as a bonus. So how much do you shell out for this beauty? Well that would be $599 for Jewel and $499 for Elegant, after all there is always a price for premium and exclusive items. It is one fashion statement that you would love to flaunt. Get yours today!

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