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In-display fingerprint scanner for Xiaomi Mi 8 and not Mi 7

Last year Xiaomi launched the Mi 6 and actually we are still waiting for the Mi 7, but there are already rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 8. This would come with all kinds of big upgrades to help the Chinese company further up the ladder so they can eventually beat Huawei, Samsung, and Apple.

Immediately to the Xiaomi Mi 8

Caution was already speculated about an in-display fingerprint scanner at the Xiaomi Mi 7, but according to new rumors, we will see this only at the Mi 8. However, the rumors also indicate that “pass” does not have to be that far away at all. It is expected that the Mi 8 will follow shortly after the Mi 7 and possibly this year is already coming. Another theory is that the Mi 7 is completely skipped and we immediately go to the successor.

Earlier than Samsung with an in-display fingerprint scanner

Both theories are somewhat plausible. Xiaomi will probably want to release the Mi 8 this year since it is exactly eight years since 2018 that Xiaomi was founded. The number 8 happens to be a lucky number in China, so it would all come together nicely. If Xiaomi is indeed already with the device this year including the fingerprint scanner, beats the smartphone maker Samsung and is the first major smartphone maker with such a scanner.

YouTube video

Notch with a 3D scanner

In a short leaked video, a demonstration of the fingerprint scanner is given. He seems to work fast and well, but unfortunately, not much of the device can be seen. According to other rumors, the new Xiaomi flagship also gets the well-known notch and would be equipped with a Face ID-like feature, where a 3D scan of your face is made. For the time being, however, it’s only rumored, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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