iReader Smart +, Xiaomi’s bet to compete with the Kindle


A few days ago we talked about the new smart board presented by the Asian manufacturer. A really economic model with very interesting features. Now, Xiaomi surprises us with its own e-reader, an amazing product that wants to compete with the Amazon Kindle range.

Under the name iReader Smart +, we find a solution that will serve you, both for professional and personal use. And, this electronic book reader is not simply an e-reader, but you can take full advantage of the screen of this complete rival of the Kindle.

To say that, this rival of the Amazon Kindle family, has dimensions of 246.7 x 177. x 7.1 mm, in addition to a weight of 355 grams. Yes, it is much heavier than other solutions, but the characteristics of this device made of aluminum and polycarbonate must be taken into account.

Xiaomi iReader Smart +, all the details of this tablet and e-reader hybrid

To start, mount a 10.3-inch panel, which reaches a resolution of 1872 x 1404 pixels. Exactly, its resolution is simply spectacular. In addition, its electronic ink screen will allow you to enjoy all kinds of content without your eyes getting tired.


More, if we consider that it is compatible with all types of formats. In this way, you can read electronic books in e-Pub format, PDF documents, TXT… Come on, in that aspect the new Xiaomi e-book reader does not fall short. And there is still more.

More than anything because, in addition to being able to use it as a traditional book reader, we can also take advantage of the diagonal of its screen to draw on the Xiaomi iReader Smart +, create graphics, take notes. Why do you need a pencil and paper having this alternative to the Amazon Kindle?

In addition, Xiaomi has wanted to make things really easy for us, so the iReader Smart + reader comes with more than 20 different templates to write or draw more comfortably. And no, you won’t have to draw with your finger. To solve this problem, this device integrates a stylus signed by Wacon, which offers 5 degrees of different stroke. Exactly, regardless of whether you need more or less thickness in your drawings, with this rival of the Amazon Kindle you will have it.

For this, the Beijing-based manufacturer has equipped its Xiaomi iReader Smart + with 1096 pressure points, more than enough to meet the needs of the most demanding users. The best of all? That this e-reader has 64 GB of internal storage. And not only that- you can directly upload all the drawings you make to the cloud, protect the documents by password or share them through QR codes to make viewing easier.

Regarding the price of the Xiaomi iReader Smart +, to say that this rival of the Amazon Kindle is not exactly cheap- it will reach the Chinese market for 3,999 yuan, about 503 euros to change. A figure that makes it very clear that this product is for professional use, although if you want a complete e-book reader, and with a large screen diagonal, it is one of the best options to consider.