Lia Informant: What is it on My LG Phone?

It is good for everyone who has a smartphone to read this, although some may think that it does not apply to them since this is rooted in LG smartphones. We are talking about Lia Informant, what is it? What does it do on your mobile device? Could it be spyware or adware? What caution should someone who sees it on his or her mobile device take?

What is Lia Informant?

Lia Informant is an app (APK) that is common to LG smartphones. The current updated version available when we put this article together is version 5.0.7, which was released in September 2019, while the former version 4.25.10 was released in February 2019. The presence of the app on your LG smartphone poses no burden as to weight or operation. The APK is simply 1.62 MB. Android Nougat 7.0 smartphones and above are compatible with the app.

It is a system app that is common to the LG G series’ stock ROM. This is the app that helps users to view information from various LG services. You will find it in the smart widget that offers the user convenience of operations.

Remember that for both LG as a company and for the users or fans of LG products, the LG G series is very important. It is one of the most popular offerings from the smartphone maker.

Lia Informant is the same thing as com.lge.ia.task.informant. This is just another package name. What it basically does is sync up information from other vital service apps on the smartphone. It works in a vital manner as well inside your smartphone, but some users have become unnecessarily concerned when they come across Lia Informant. They may think of uninstalling it, but fear could keep them from doing it since the smartphone may no longer work appropriately.

The truth is that if you feel like you don’t want the Lia Informant inside of your smartphone, you can uninstall it safely. There will be no danger to the day-to-day operation of your Android mobile device. It could also be that you desire to re-install the Lia Informant later. Yes, you could do that from the Google Play Store. It could be that you can’t find it on the Play Store or that you don’t like to download it from there. Click here to download it directly from the LG website.

Lia Informant What Is It

Does It Require Permission on Your Device?

Yes, it does. Remember that it is an information-related app, so it needs your permission to gather information from multiple sources. In a nutshell, the APK can do the following, and it will need your permission to do them.

  • Lia Informant will view network information to see whether connections are available and which of the connections function more.
  • It can read calendar events you set up on the phone and passes the information through the Smart Notice widget, which will, in turn, notify you about upcoming events and anniversaries.
  • The app is able to read all your call logs. Through it, Smart Notice can create the contacts of frequently used phone numbers.
  • Lia Informant is able to read your text messages no matter whether they are hidden or confidential.
  • It is active as you switch on your device. Once your operating system is up, Lia Informant is also active. Whenever your mobile device is turned on, it is synced with other apps.

How to Deal with Lia Informant Error Messages

From time to time, something could be wrong with the Lia Informant APK. Maybe you’re getting errors as it stopped or it just became unresponsive. What can be done? Uninstalling the APK may not be the best or the first thing you think about. If the message came in the form of: (com.lge.ia.task.informant stopped working), you can clear the app’s cache. It is the primary way of solving most of its issues. If that doesn’t work, you could remove it from your smartphone.

Lia Informant Consumes Power


You can see that the APK is really useful to the well-being of your Android mobile device. It works with the Smart Notice widget. Together, they present all the information above to you. It is good to let you know that while the APK and the Smart Notice widget are sharing this information, your mobile device consumes a lot of energy. Because the Lia Informant is always on, the processing power is felt continually. It is one reason why some LG users uninstall the app. When in the future they notice that they are missing something, they may re-install it.

How to Uninstall Lia Informant

Please note that we don’t encourage you to uninstall the LG APK. However, since we totally believe that uninstalling it will not damage your smartphone, we will outline the steps for uninstalling it here below.

  • Go to Settings > Developers Options. Enable Debugging on your device.
  • On your laptop or desktop computer, download ADB. You can download it HERE.
  • Extract the ZIP file and keep content in a separate folder.
  • Open the Powershell
  • Type the following: .\adb devices
  • Connect your smartphone through your USB cable. If everything is okay, it will list your phone serial number on the computer screen.
  • To remove the Lia Informant entirely from your smartphone, run the following command .\adb shell pm uninstall – user 0 com.lge.ia.task.informant
  • Make sure you add the –k as a way to save lots of cache files in case you want to install it again on the same phone.

Now your LG smartphone has gotten rid of Lia Informant totally.


You must have known so much about the Lia Informant app. However, it is good for us to remind ourselves that this app is in no way adware or spyware. It is LG’s favorite tool for gathering information such as notifications, SMS, calls, and other things so that the smartphone user can enjoy great convenience. No, LG isn’t making use of this app to spy on you. It is not a harbinger of malware, so you don’t have to worry. The only concern is that its processes or operation makes your phone step up in consuming power but that is totally normal. If against all the positives of the app you still want to remove it, you are totally free to do so.

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