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Microsoft says that Edge is faster than Google Chrome

Microsoft has been introducing many improvements to Edge, its own browser. With them, they hope to cut distances to Firefox and Google Chrome, which dominate the market. The American company also wanted to remind users what they lose by not using their browser. Since they claim that it is the fastest, beating Google’s browser in speed.

Microsoft says that Edge is faster than Google Chrome

It is one of the reasons that give users to make use of the Microsoft browser. Some declarations that surely sound to many as something strange and do not quite convince.

Is Microsoft Edge faster than Google Chrome?

According to this graphic that the American company presents, Edge would be 22% faster than Google Chrome. In addition to being 16% faster than Firefox. So it far exceeds its two main rivals in terms of speed. Although it is not known exactly how the speed of the browsers has been tested by the firm.

Since in other studies that have been done, the results are very different and Edge would not be the fastest in these cases. But Microsoft’s message is quite clear. They want to show that their browser has nothing to envy to its two main competitors.

In addition, they also claim that it has a better integration with Cortana. So you can see that they try to convince users to switch to their browser. If these actions will have some effect or not, we will see it with the passage of time.

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