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Novation Circuit Rhythm – Latest Sampler in Grovebox Range

Making beats is enthralling, it’s refreshing. With the impressive Novation Circuit Rhythm, you can churn out beats in good quality and time. The diminutive frame looks simple, but it does much to help you bring out the right beats for music. However, it’s not that entirely small.

Introducing Novation Circuit Rhythm

As mentioned, it is a diminutive frame, but it comes with two polysynths, a four-track sample sequencer, multiple channels of external sequencing. It looks like the company keeps expanding its circuit range with each release. This edition focuses mainly on sampled grooves, while it ditches former multi-functional tenets.

This latest 2021 addition comes lighter at the top of the panel, and it also presents a few variations in control. It is housed in a chassis that as the other former versions. It feels slim and light on the hands.

The interface holds the 8×4 pads for sequencing, and they are surrounded by navigational and transport buttons. You will find eight macro parameter rotaries along the top.

Four Features of Novation Circuit Rhythm

  • You can make it work with any MIDI-enabled studio rig or make it unplugged for creators on the move.
  • Here’s a versatile sampler for making and performing beats.
  • Once you record samples and key them in, you can slice, sculpt, and resample them as you wish. Capture grooves off-grid, and build layers across eight sample tracks.
  • Use performance FX to bring live sets alive!
Novation Circuit Rhythm
Novation Circuit Rhythm

How to Use Novation Circuit Rhythm

You may sample into the Circuit Rhythm, in two ways- record through the rear inputs, or record directly resampling the sound engine. There are several tracks available too. There are eight channels to consider. You also get a sample slice function, the default One Shoot mode, joined by the Gated playback. Used judiciously, you will see that this truly is a genuine sampler.

The Novation Circuit Rhythm comes with onboard memory to save your work. There are about 128 slots that can hold 32 seconds samples in each slot. These are grouped into mono, though the device has stereo capabilities.

When you just purchase it, you will notice that sample slots come filled with sounds from the company that manufactured the device. You may clear anyone you don’t desire and fill the slot with your own new recording.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

The product arrives with a Lithium metal battery that can be recharged. If you get the battery fully charged, it can work for you non-stop for four hours. Make beats on the move, load samples, and backup your works.


  • Fast and intuitive interface
  • Storage for keeping samples
  • Portable yet strong

Novation Circuit Rhythm 2


  • Saving samples is slow
  • Samples are 32 seconds long
  • MIDI implementation can be improved

Price of Novation Circuit Rhythm

Apart from shipping and import costs, the price of this device is $399.99. Click Here to see offers or to purchase it.


Some users hate the idea that this Circuit Rhythm lacks a screen. What is it like to work blindly, like having to work around the lack of visualization? For example, some feel it would be great to be able to trim recorded samples by the eyes, not by the ears. They claim a visualized waveform could be so great. The manufacturer realizes this and puts the ability for thresholds so you can do away with trimming as much as possible.

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