OnePlus sneaks into the top five brands of premium smartphones sold in Europe

OnePlus has been known to make a place in the world market. This is something that we have seen on more than one occasion, especially with the success of its latest high-end device launched in May. Thanks to this phone, the company is now in fourth place in the best-selling premium smartphones segment in Europe. A great step for the company in its international expansion.

OnePlus sneaks into the top five brands of premium smartphones sold in Europe

It has been in the second quarter of 2018 when the Chinese brand has managed to climb positions in some of the main European markets. So that it sneaks into the Top 5 in this market segment.

OnePlus advances in Europe

We have seen that the firm has entered the Top 5 in markets such as Germany (#4), Italy (#5), the Netherlands (#4), Sweden (#3), the United Kingdom (#4) and France (#4). Also at European level, in particular in Western Europe, OnePlus has known how to establish itself as one of the five best-selling brands in this segment. The brand has taken fourth place in this segment.

The OnePlus 6 is responsible for this success of the brand in Europe. Its high range was presented in London, before a great interest on the part of the press and users. Its good design, specifications and a lower price than many phones in its range have helped to have great sales. In just 22 days, more than 1 million units were sold worldwide.

The advance of the firm in the market continues. Europe has become one of its most popular markets, where we will continue to see how the phones of the firm continue to have more and more presence.

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