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Gaming headsets are not as widely used as other headphones, with many streamers nowadays going for a basic studio mic and some simple headphones instead. It is comprehensible if you are going to be on camera you don’t want people tuning with some clunky monstrosity on your head or even worse, catching you with really bad headset hair. That said though, it doesn’t mean gaming headsets are dying out, just that people are moving to alternative ways of communicating whilst gaming. I myself though love a good headset and recently got myself an Onikuma K1 Pro budget gaming headset from Amazon to review.

The Onikuma K1 Pro is a gaming headset that tends to set itself apart from the others. This headset is a 3.5 mm PC Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 and also on Xbox One S, Bass Headphones with bendable Microphone, volume control, noise isolation for PC Mac, Laptops and others.

What People Like About Onikuma K1 Pro

Sound quality is one area that many people have commented on. Headsets are nothing but sound quality and if its sound quality is not good enough, they say the headset is not worth it. However, overall, users see the headphone as one of very high quality that the user never has any reason to complain.

Onikuma headsets are one of the best-selling budget gaming headsets on Amazon. It has offered a couple of game headsets that were selling in thousands. Among them, the K6, K5, K1, and others have already proven this brand can design good headphones. In this sense, the K1 Pro is a good addition to its line of cheap game headsets.

The product gets high points for functionality and design. The sound quality helps users to conduct phone calls effortlessly. It even works when the user plugs it into a laptop computer. Microphone quality is also believed to be great as well.


These give out great sound. Accordingly, the technology makes sound reverberation, it builds great sound effect, bass, treble, highs and lows, and all sound come nicely especially if the user is engaged in an intense and long gaming session. Nevertheless, it is also good for listening to music.

The microphone is also adjustable since it is made of soft flexible tube that is free to adjust to any direction for better sound pick up. Components include stylish Onikuma logo on the controller with functions volume roller and mic on and off switch. Mostly, users commend the fact that these offer ease of use.

The ear cups pad is also filled with soft protein leather, more skin-intimacy, reducing sweat and heat. This offers maximum comfort. Apart from that, the ear cups cover the ears perfectly.

USB Jack:

This is made for LED lights, the green jack is for audio and the red is for the mic. It includes an adapter cable for PlayStation 4 controller.

Onikuma K1 Pro is still relatively new, having been released sometime in October 2018 at a certain Hong Kong Exhibition event. During the space of time it has been released, the clout of the Onikuma K1 Pro is well known.

Actually, when it comes to low-cost gaming headsets, most habitual gamers would not ask for too much on design or build quality. They may not even expect great sound quality. These types of gaming headsets are often classed among those that give off terrible sounds because they are cheap. But if one believes that a cheap headset cannot give out quality sound, such a person is mistaken.

That is not always the issue. In the case of Onikuma K1 Pro; it is a stylish and budget gaming headset, yet it has got everything a gamer does not want to miss.

Onikuma K1 Pro Versatility

The best thing about a product like this is its ability to work with various gaming devices. In this regard, the Onikuma K1 Pro scores high as it is able to work with nearly all the latest mainstream gaming devices including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, iPad, PSP, as well as PC, laptop and smartphones with a 3.5mm audio jack.

In addition to that, it works easily with Microsoft Xbox while using an adapter. Also, it has an adjustable headband, together with other components that make it an ergonomic design headset. The user only has to pick and adjust for comfort levels and positions.

Nonetheless, gamers don’t joke with gaming sound effects and sound quality. These are key features that can’t be put aside by anyone. Good thing is that Onikuma K1 Pro is superb in all these areas. To tell how good the speaker is, it is built with 50mm speaker driver and 3D surround sound that gives the opportunity of intense gaming sessions.

Onikuma K1 Pro Effect on Gameplay

Users have often commended the ability to be able to detect the position of enemies. Even when playing with friends or other acquaintances, the microphone quality is importantly great during playing. Also, the noise reduction feature can help pick up voices clearly. That is essential when you play with friends so that each can hear their voices clearly.

The other dazzling thing about Onikuma K1 Pro is that it has a stylish feature in the form of dazzling LED lights. The LED lights shine around the headset, giving it a very sleek look. There are two options of red and blue options for the color of the light. So you can pick between the two colors.


Onikuma K1 Pro price is in the range of $30 USD and that’s not bad for a gaming headset which is a good budget device with decent sound quality and performance. Buyers have often praised its sound quality especially when they compare it with the price at which it is bought. Check it out online and make sure you buy a good quality gaming headset that is satisfying the needs of people today.

To say the fact, Onikuma products are selling in their millions online because of the top quality they come with and at very reasonable prices. The K1 Pro which is one of the latest additions is not an exception.

In this way, the K1 Pro has broken barriers when it comes to gaming devices welling cheap online. Since gamers have higher requirements for quality and performance, many people think that the company may not be able to produce such a high-quality product at that cheap price but Onikuma has done just that.

Onikuma K1 Pro Good in the Studio

Experts working on studio sounds have found the product to be an immense aid. Why do they prefer Onikuma K1 Pro? It has excellent sound quality that could easily pick up all those minimal sounds that are ever so often dismissed but can impact finished jobs whether for positive or negative reasons.

Using Onikuma K1 Pro in the studio has revealed its good side after proving more invaluable than other gaming headsets. Apart from excellent studio use, many youths prefer to make use of the device for two reasons- it offers great sound quality and it is very comfortable during use due to the top quality leather that the manufacturer used on the product.

Finally, it suffices to say that the Onikuma K1 Pro is an inexpensive wired game headset capable of providing very good audio sound and performance. Secondly, the device comes with an eye-catching appearance. Though it is not a top-level model, the price is very reasonable and the design well worth it.

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