Parrot 4.6 Linux OS with KDE Desktop Has Been Released

When we talk about Operating System like Linux, the first word that comes in our mind will be Ethical Hacking. Parrot OS is one of the top alternatives of Linux. Linux based ethical hacking Distro is mainly for security researchers.

Parrot 4.6 Distro has been finally released by the parrot Linux after three months of heavy development. The big thing is that this time the complete infrastructure of Parrot 4.6 OS is being served over its own network. Earlier it used other SaaS services like Cloudflare.

What is Parrot Linux OS

Parrot is a Linux/GNU distribution based on Debian Testing. It is designed with keeping Security, Development and Privacy in Mind. It is the best choice for security experts, developers and crypto-addicted people.

There are different versions of Parrot OS available on the internet. The Security Version 1 provides a complete environment for privacy, forensics, reverse engineering and pen-testing. The other versions include Home or Workstation. These are mainly for daily purpose and privacy. Using the Home/Workstation versions for heavy pen-testing purposes doesn’t make sense. The Main Features of  Parrot OS includes Full Security, Free(GPL) and Lightweight on the system.

What’s New in Parrot 4.6 Version?

Earlier Parrot was using Mate desktop environment but now the New KDE Plasma Desktop Environment has been added to it. It is being loved by its users. The default mate desktop has been changed to KDE. This update is for both the security and home edition.

Let’s come to the Appearance Part. Visual changes like new boot-splash animation and desktop background have been done. The desktop-base and parrot-wallpapers have also been updated. But the themes and icons are still the same.

Another big change includes ATP Enforcement of HTTPS. The old APT implementation has been modified to support HTTPS to HTTP downgrade. The new parrot 4.6 is configured to serve signed files through https by default and the mirror redirector is set to migrate traffic to https mirrors when available. if an HTTPS Mirror is not available then the signatures are still verified by the fallback HTTP Mirrors.

Parrot 4.6 includes Linux kernel 4.19 which has several security patches and better hardware support. Its performance is also improved. If you want to Download this new version then visit the official website of Parrot OS.

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