RUMOUR – Only The 5-inch iPhone 8 Will Have Wireless Charging And Glass Back

Remember we reported some days back that Apple, according to KGI Securities, is reportedly going to embody the upcoming iPhone 8 with wireless charging feature? Well, another report, or should I call it a rumour, that rubbishes the report by KGI Securities just surfaced.

The new “rumour” states that only the 5-inch model of the iPhone 8, will sport a glass back and the all-new wireless/inductive charging which will be debuted by Apple in September, Japanese blog Macotacara from Taiwan reports.

It would also be recalled that the other report made it clear that all the three iPhone models that will be released by Apple in September will debut with the wireless charging feature. Apparently, even though it can’t be confirmed yet, only one model will sport the feature. The Taiwan source also revealed that Apple had ceased the inclusion of the headphone jack adapter on its devices.

Furthermore, the report claims that Apple will not include the wireless charging technology in the box. Instead, users will have to purchase the accessory separately. Begs the question; Don’t Apple ever get tired of ripping customers off just to further enrich their coffers? Makes me also wonder how much the supposedly separate “wireless charging technology” will cost.

If this report is anything to go by, it simply implies that users of the iPhone 8 will have to purchase almost all the device’s accessories separately. Earpiece/AirPods, charging adapter/pad and what have you. And with Apple reportedly tripling the iPhone 8 production, it plans to ship more of the device, and now definitely will sell more AirPods and charging pads. More money it is for Apple! What a strategic move. #ApplaudsApple

While some also reported that Apple could include a USB-C to Lightning cable this year, rather than USB-A to Lightning, today’s report once again rubbishes the report as no charging accessory will be incorporated into the device’s packaging as a part of the report reads;

Furthermore, they’re finished putting the headphone jack adapter in the package and continue to sell the USB-C cable separately.

Now with all these reports and rumours, one’s left with no choice but to keep one’s head high and fingers crossed till the device is launched in September. Or till Apple comes out with some specifications or official statement (which I can bet won’t happen).


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