Samsung Plans Attaching 2 Hansets Via a Magnetic Lock

The Samsung foldable phone news has dominated the headlines for months. But even then, another company out of the blues came out with a foldable smartphone called Royole Flexipai. Now, what is dominating the news is the plans that Samsung has a new patent which it is revealed is the company’s alternative plans for creating a bigger, tablet-style display which will attach two phones in a magnetic lock style.

LetsGoDigital, an online tech reports platform stated that the new published patent has shown two handsets fixed together at the edges to create a bigger screen. One can see the phones and the magnets rotate around the axis and that tells one that he should be looking a jumbo foldable phone!

However, Samsung has made it clear that it will also release the foldable phone of which we still don’t know the actual name because Samsung is not letting us know yet. But the new patent will not replace the initial Samsung plan for a foldable phone. As we see things shape up in the smartphone arena, this 2019 is to witness several foldable smartphone releases.

What the new patent could mean for us is that it could be a sign of new features on its move to future flagships from the company. Some are anticipating that the Note series will continue deeply into 2019 and even beyond, while they are completely separate from the Galaxy S series in the future.

Taking a closer look at the design show-off, one comes to think about the ZTE Axon M that was shown last year. It was a foldable phone which was made from two displays with a hinge in the middle, which was clearly not a flexible display. But in this case, both halves can be used separately.

Further, in this very clever use of magnets, we see variety of options for snapping phones together as one, as well as making one large screen. It is possible to have one phone facing forward and the other facing backward. Make use of this for the perfect selfie snapper.

In the other way round, it is possible to have the two phones on top each other, facing, both facing one direction to create a full-screen display with a slide0out keyboard on the second phone.

Conclusively, we cannot tell you that this idea will actually be one that will see the light of day – only Samsung knows.

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