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Simple Way To Install Android P Beta on these 12 phones

Do you want to install Android P Beta on your device? If yes then you are in luck because Android P beta is out and it is packing some really nice features – Sleek and beautiful design, New Navigation, Adaptive Battery, Do not disturb and a brand new interface for Notifications. That’s not all; you can see the Full Android P Beta Features here.

You can now install Android P Beta on your Smartphone, provided you are using any of the following devices below.

If you have any of these devices listed above then you can install Android P Beta on your device. However, there are some things you ought to know before you proceed.

  1. If you have tweaked your device in any way before such rooting your device, flashing a custom recovery etc then you will not be able to Install the Android P beta on your device.
  2. If and when you choose to go back to your former android version after installing the Android P, then you will lose all your data. So I’ll advice you to back up your data before updating just in case. However, if you like the Android P beta and choose to stay on it, your data will not be wiped when the official Android P OS becomes available in the nearest future.
  3. If you Install Android P beta on your Android device, then that obviously makes you a beta tester. You should be ready to accommodate the shortcomings (Bugs) of the Android P beta which is still being worked on. In other words, if you use and depend on your phone for your day-to-day activities and store Important information on it then installing android P beta might be a bad idea.

Now that you are clear on that let’s get right down to Installing Android P beta on your Smartphone.

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Simple Way To Install Android P Beta

If you have any of the devices listed earlier, then here is what you need to do:

  • Visit the Android Beta Website.
  • Scroll and look for your device. Once you see it, Click on Get Beta Now below it and select Opt-in.
  • If you aren’t Signed In, then you will need to do that. (make sure the Google account Signed in is the same one attached/Signed In on the device you want to Install Android P beta on)

  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the beta program and Click On Join.

  • You should get an update notification immediately. If you did not get an update then Goto Settings >> About Phone >> System Update >> Check For Update. (if you still did not see any update then give it time. In some cases, it can take up 24 before you get the update)

  • Once you get the update, Download and Install it.

  • After installation, Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up, and you are good to go.

  • Remember, if you are facing any issue or come across a bug with the Android P beta, you can let Google know by posting your comment on the Android Beta Google+ Community.

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    If the bugs are too much for you to cope with, you can revert to your previous OS version by visiting the Android Beta Website above and Select the Opt-Out option. You will get Update with your previous OS, Download and Install it and everything will be back to normal.

    Note – Reverting to the previous OS will completely wipe your device and you will lose all your data so make sure you back it up before reverting.


    If you have any of the phones listed above as your main phone, then I would advise you not to install Android P beta on it as it can really mess up your data and other stuff on your Device. The official version will be out in a couple of months, and you can install it then with peace of mind.

    However, if you have any of those phones as a spare phone you rarely use and want the Android P beta so bad, then you can go ahead and install it.

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