7 simple tips to improve performance on your Android smartphone

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Today, I would like to share with you 7 simple ways to improve Android smartphone performance, especially for mid-range, low-cost Android phones. Please join us!

Let’s get started.

1. Use the Files Go by Google to clean up the memory

Unused files, junk or caches generated during app usage or gameplay will cause the internal memory of the device to become full, which will then, in turn, affect the performance of the device.

The Files Go is a master file management application from Google, so there are no ads, as it was developed for Android shortened configurations, so this will be an effective cleaning tool for “mobile phones.” It is capable of clearing the hidden junks and cache generated in the phone.

You can download the GO HERE!

2. Uninstall unused applications

On Android, there are probably default apps that we rarely use. Then you should uninstall them to free up more spaces and lessen the resource used by the app running underground, especially for limited configuration devices. Alternatively, you can disable those unused apps.

Go to Settings> Applications.

Find the default applications that you rarely use such as Google Movies, Calendar, Duo, Email, … click Disable or uninstall them from your device.Whenever you want to use these apps, just follow the same process and click Enable.

3. Use Lite (Lite)

Lite apps are good choice for midrange devices, instead of the full version that is always heavier. For example, you can use Facebook Lite to surf Facebook, YouTube GO to watch Youtube videos, or as File GO as I said in Section 1 to manage the file.

In the future we will have other Lite app coming from Google to ensure smoother operation for low price devices. Do not hesitate to try out these Lite and Mini app anyway!

4. Update to new OS version regularly

Android vendors are constantly releasing software updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and security patches released through OTA or other methods. Do not hesitate to click update and always be informed! This is also an advantage of Android as the update is smoother than iOS.

Check regularly by going to Settings> Phone Info / About> Software Update.

5. The main screen is neat and clean

Also, make sure that the main phone screen is clean and neatly arranged; it does not contain too much application icons, instead, move similar apps into a single folder because it helps the machine to process faster.

6. Turn off the device periodically

After about a week of use, you should turn off your phone before going to sleep to rest and refresh the RAM. The next morning, when you turn on the phone, you will be surprised because your machine will be faster than before.

This is very important and helpful, so Google has built-in shutdown scheduler from Android 6 and above. You can use this feature to help you further not to forget to restart your phone.

7. Use a different launcher

Some third-party launchers do not only make your phone display look nice but also make the transition effects or open applications more smoothly than the original launcher.

The most recommended launchers are Nova LauncherApex Launcher and Z Launcher from Microsoft.

These are simple tips to help you speed up your Android smartphone performance. If you find this piece useful, please share it with your friends.


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