Google Simplifying content management in News Center

Good news to all internet publishers. The Google News for publishers has always been a great source for traffic and managed using the Google News app center but from the coming update, every publisher can now manage and see the real traffic using their website analytics and newsreader will be redirected directly to the URL of the article clicked upon instead on an auto-generated Google page.

Below is what Google said about the new update;

Earlier this year, we announced the expansion of non-AMP web content in Google News as part of the page experience update. As part of this update, in the coming weeks the Google News app will improve its support for web content, displaying both AMP and non-AMP web content with more regularity from sites worldwide. No action is required of you to enable this.

As a result of this change, we will no longer directly render article text provided in RSS feeds in the Google News app. Instead, we’ll send readers directly to publishers’ web pages. Consequently, and to help simplify the management of your content on Google News, we will be removing functionality in Publisher Center relating to feed-based article rendering. This includes custom Analytics tracking IDs and 3rd party tracking pixels used to track in-app reads, as well as custom RSS styling and feed ads.

You will still be able to track and measure all of your Google News traffic through your web site’s existing analytics tracking. Google News performance reports in Search Console will also be unaffected.

We will remove this functionality from Publisher Center in early November and will reach out again later this year to remind you of this change.