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How To Stop Google News Notifications On Android One?

Most times, we see “New story” notifications even when the Google News application is not downloaded on our Android phone. The reality is that the news story alerts visible in the notifications shade are from the Google app.

Like you should know already, Google app is pre-installed on all Android phones across the world, except in China. The Discover Feed used to be known as Google Feed, integrated into the Google app, is the reason for these push notifications.

Sometimes Google news notifications can be quite frustrating and overbearing. If you are experiencing it, you can just disable news and be free. When you do that, Google news alerts will no longer be seen in the notifications area and lock screen and everything will be fine again. Let’s show you How To Stop Google News Notifications On Android One?:

How Can I Stop Google News Notifications On Android One?

  • Launch the Google application.
  • Click “More” from the bottom right.

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  • Head to Settings and open Notifications.

  • Beneath “Other”, untick the categories you do not wish to get notifications for. You can even disable notifications for Google Assistant if you want.


That is that. The notifications seen from several categories will not disturb you anymore.

How Can I Know Which Category Sent The Push Notification?

You can know the precise category from which a specific notification has come from. To get this done, adhere to these instructions:

  • Scroll left halfway on the particular new story notification.
  • Click the gear icon.
  • View the parent category. (Topics of interest)

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  • Now go back to the Notifications settings in the Google app.
  • Just disable the notifications from that specific category.

You can also click “Stop notifications” from inside the notifications shade to quickly prevent alerts for that individual category.

How Can I Stop Google News Notifications?

If you just wish to stop notifications from Google News app then you can adhere to these steps:

  • Launch your Google News app.
  • Click your profile icon at the top right.
  • Head to Settings and choose Notifications.
  • Set the intensity to Low if you wish to receive lesser notifications.
  • To stop notifications from all categories completely, make sure “Get notifications” is toggled off.

And that is that.

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