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How To Change The Size Of The Icons On Android [Guide]

In this guide, we will see how to change the size of the icons on Android. The icons are a very important thing for a smartphone as they allow to easily go back to a specific application, also make the Home interface of the operating system much more beautiful to look at and pleasant to navigate. The icons we have already seen in the past that can be replaced with others with different designs (if you are interested in knowing how, you should visit our guide on how to change icons on Android ), but in the end, the size of the icons do not change. In this guide, we will see just how to make this change, so have smaller or larger icons depending on the need you have at the moment.

But why would you want to change the size of the icons on Android? The reasons can vary, maybe you want a theme in which the icons are visible in a bigger and more visible way, maybe on a 5.5 inch screen and besides having icons that are too small it’s not really the best and therefore it would be better to have icons with larger dimensions to better adapt to the size of the screen in use. The same can happen in a screen that is too small, but with the size of the icons too large, even in this case, you might want to put your hands to the icons to change the dimensions and reduce them to make them more suited to the size of the display. You might also want smaller icon sizes to let us have as many icons as possible on every single screen on the Home.

Most people find the size of the icons proportional to those on the screen, however in some smartphones, the producers do not pay so much attention to the proportions of the icons, so it may be necessary to have them larger or smaller to better adapt them to the size of the screen. In order to change the size of the icons on Android, some devices provide functions that perform this operation with ease, while for other smartphones, it may be necessary to make things easier, to download third-party applications.

If you have a Samsung device with TouchWiz, for example, change the size of the icons on Androidit is very simple, as the customized interface allows you to change the size of the icons, without the need to install external applications from the Google Play Store. For those who have a Samsung device, to zoom in or out on the icons, just hold your finger in an empty space on the screen, then the icon of settings should appear from which you can change the home screen and from which you can select between different sizes the “grid” of the Home screen icons. Selecting one of these options you can choose whether to have a grid for the icons on the home page of 4 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 5, 5 x 6, but depending on the version of TouchWizin use and of the device, there could be a smaller number of resizing of the grids that contain the icons and that regulate the size. Depending on the chosen grid, the size of the icons will change automatically, larger or smaller, and consequently will occupy more or less space on the Home screen. The larger the icons, the fewer will be available for each window, while the smaller the icons, the more applications that can appear in the Home.

For those who do not have a Samsung device or more generally a smartphone with a custom interface that allows you to change the size of the icons, you can also change the size by installing a third-party application, such as GO Launcher ( download ) a ‘free application downloadable from the Google Play Store that in a few seconds allows you to resize the size of the app icons on the Home screen. Go Launcheris a launcher for Android that many know and that in particular when there were not so many custom interfaces on smartphones, it was used a lot, not that now it is not, in fact it is always updated with new features and the aficionados continue to use it even if a custom launcher is already present on the device. In fact Go Launcher is very customizable, rich in effects to change from one screen to another in the Home, it is fluid, fast and allows you to change the theme with new backgrounds and icons to make it always unique and never boring. GO Launcher especially for older users Android needs no introduction and I’m sure that at least once they tried it, while for those who didn’t know it yet, it would be time to give them a chance not only to change icons but to find out all that is able to offer in customizing the Home screen.

But let’s get to the point of this guide, or change the size of the icons on Android with GO Launcher. To be able to resize the icons in this case it is very simple, in fact it is enough to set GO Launcher as default, so you will have to press with your finger anywhere on the Home screen and from the window that appears you will have to press on the item Settings GO to bring up a new screen with different preferences to set. From the preferences screen it is possible to make use of really many options that can concern the visualization on screen, like page indicators, App Drawer, font, language, backup of the theme and among the other options that I let you discover there is obviously the one to be able to change the size of the icons on Android that you immediately recognize because (look at random) is called “Icon”, just press on it with your finger to access the window where you can change the size by clicking on the icon Size from which it will be possible to select from 3 sizes:

  • Big: that is the recommended size
  • Default size: that would be the default size instead
  • Custom size: it is probably the most interesting feature as it allows you to resize the icons to a size of your choice ranging from a minimum of 62 to a maximum of 180, which is the maximum size that the icon can reach. The preview is then visible for each selected size.

GO Launcher, to be able to change the size of the icons on Android is very simple to use. It will also donate a new interface to your smartphone, which will be more beautiful and cared for as well as highly customizable.

We have therefore seen in this guide how to change the size of the icons on Android, if you know, some other simple and effective method to be able to resize the icons let us know also in the comments. To the next guide.

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