Stop Google Chrome From Automatically Opening Tabs on Android

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Google Chrome For Android

If you are reading this then you’d definitely want to know how you can stop Google chrome from automatically opening tabs on Android. Google Chrome has a habit of keeps tabs you didn’t close in your last browsing session open and whenever you open the google chrome app again, all that tabs gets reloaded. This is a very useful feature for so many people, including me as I mostly have about one or two sites I Visit regularly which I always leave open in two tabs on my Google Chrome browser for Android.

This way, whenever I open the Google Browser, it automatically loads the two website which makes it easier for me rather than scrolling through the numerous bookmarks I have, looking for them. However, having too many tabs open when you close your google chrome browser means that all those tabs will automatically be loaded again when you launch/open the google chrome browser. We will be showing you just how to stop that from happening here.

Stop Google Chrome From Automatically Opening Tabs on Android

One would think that something as important as this will have an option in the settings Menu to turn it off if you don’t want it but no, it isn’t. If you’ve checked or have been checking the settings menu of the Google Chrome app on your Android then you’ll know by now that the option to toggle this off isn’t available, at least for now. Hopefully, google chrome adds an option to turn this off in a future Update for those who don’t want it.

The only way to cope with this automatic re-opening of tabs on Android is to manually close all tabs before quitting the Google Chrome app. This way, there will be re-opening of any tabs as there are open tabs from your last browsing session. You can close the tabs by tapping on the box with Numbers in it (amount of tabs you currently have opened) Located by the top right corner of the app, besides the three dots. Once you do that, all the opened tabs get lined up like the multitasking window on Android. From here, you can now start swiping them left or right to close them or tap on the X marker at the top right corner of every tab.

Once you’re done closing all the tabs, you can now go ahead and close you google chrome browser. When next you launch the Google Chrome browser, you’ll be taking to the home page with no tabs automatically opening.


Although I like what Chrome does with the tabs but an update needs to be released as soon as possible with an option to stop the Google Chrome app from Automatically Opening tabs on Android devices for those that don’t like the feature. You can so try using the incognito mode which lets you browse the internet without leaving a trace. This means you can Open the tabs you want and Immediately you close the Chrome browser, it all gets wiped off instead of re-opening again when next you open the Google Chrome browser.


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