These 6 habits are “killing” your laptop; what to do and what not to do

Laptops are becoming increasingly important in the lives of modern humans, but few know that our daily habits are accidentally damaging the device.

Not everyone knows how to use a laptop properly. We often do things that we like, use our laptop anytime, anywhere, all the time without realizing that these habits and interests are hurting directly to a trusted companion. Here are some things you should avoid while using your laptop.

1. Put your laptop on the bed

This is what most people do most when using their laptop. The laptop has brought a remarkable mobility that has led users to bring this device to bed for work and play. However, this should be terminated immediately because the laptop will be having difficulty to cool heat and quickly warm up, reducing the life of electronic components inside quickly.

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Putting your laptop on a bed makes it hard to cool off heat

2. Place aside drink when using a laptop

Most laptops on the market do not support water resistance to reduce the cost except the dedicated line. Therefore, a small mistake when drinking water or juice accidentally poured on the keyboard will cause the laptop immediately to land in an electronic hospital because of the hydrophobic components. It is best to leave your laptop away from work.

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You will accidentally spill a drink on your laptop

3. Smoking, eating by the laptop

When smoking next to a laptop, the smoke can easily enter the cooling vents of the laptop computer to hinge on the components inside, creating resinous layers on the surface of the device and clearly harming the electronic components inside.

Laptop 3
No smoking, eating when using laptop

Eating not tidy will make the machine stain unfortunately that you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning, black rather than create stains undesirable.

4. Put a heavy load on the laptop

Many people have a habit of placing books on the surface of their laptops, and with the ever-thin, lightweight design, this is not the case. The laptop screen is vulnerable to undue impact. Even just a little bit of pressure, your screen will crack and be sure to replace it with a price that is not cheap at all.

Take Good Care of Your Laptop Computer Step 16
Do not place heavy items on the laptop surface

5. Wipe the screen bluff

Many people are using palms on the screen to wipe the mop or clean the screen of their laptop, some even don’t mind using a piece of paper around to wipe dust off the screen of their laptops and this leads to undesirable effects. Scratches from non-standard tissues will greatly affect the display quality in the long run. So use a cleaning tool and a specialized cleaning agent to clean the screen.

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Wiping the screen improperly causes scratches to affect the display quality

6. Turn off or unplug the laptop

Not only on the laptop, the active electronics in the device when suddenly disconnected also lead to undue harm. Not many people want to save a few seconds to shut their computers down but then the laptop can get broken and takes much time to fix. It’s a joke, but it’s true if you keep the habit of shutting down the computer with the Power button or removing the battery without powering off first. It is wise to use the shutdown feature provided in the operating system than usinf the power button.

computer long press power button e371d
A broken operating system will cause undue harm

The manufacturer always recommends that users should shutdown with the “Shut down” function in the operating system. As such, the programs will be fully backed up and the computer shut down properly in order. If you turn off the “hot“, the power cut suddenly can cause damage to expensive components such as CPU, HDD…

Here is a summary of the habits that are killing your laptop. If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it for everyone to know!

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