These Important Steps Will Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

I have used a smartphone for four years. Lately though, I don’t think about making use of a mobile smartphone for two years. There are programs that allow you to flip your used phones for new ones and people are making use of this type of provision. However, there are still some people who want to make sure that their phone lasts longer. Recently, we posted a story one of the most sustainable smartphones anyone could ever buy and make use of. You can read the story here.

Simple Repairs- Make Sure of Sustainability

Online companies such as iFixit are helping smartphone users to know the repairability of phones. When you check in on that site you’ll see that most phones have become less repairable over the years. If the phone you want to buy is that type and you plan to use your new phone for a long time, it is best for you to avoid buying and going for those that costs less or have more repairability score. It is believed that simple repairs will add years of life to your phone.

The Battery

It may even be possible for you to repair your smartphone on your own. If you repair your phone by yourself, you can be careful to buy common parts that are able to make your phone last longer. Not all parts can be bought that will make your phone last longer though. However, it is best to ask for parts that are known to be durable. For batteries, it is best to see if you can repair them before you decide to throw them away and buy another one. Granted, phone batteries can last up to two years and for many of these batteries, it is hard to find a new or original one that can be as powerful as the one that came with the smartphone. So, maintain your phone battery as long as you can.

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Many phone manufacturers like Apple do replace batteries for their customers and they do that at a cost that’s much lesser than buying a new smartphone.

The Screen

Yes, you can also repair your phone screen. My smartphone screen has been repaired for four times and it still works. Dropping your phone and having the screen cracked is not a problem, the issue is that it will set you back a few coins. Even if you think it is costly, it is still a lot cheaper than buying a new smartphone.

There are screen repair kits and do-it-yourself tutorials to help a phone owner succeed in what they want to do. You definitely can get all the tools you need to for replacing your phone screen. If you may need to just replace the glass, that can be a lot cheaper than having to fix the whole screen or buying a new phone.

Minor Precautions for Smartphone Users

Always take proper care of your phone. If the mobile device is new, you may not want to check places such as charging port. But after sometime has past, this area deserves your attention. Always clean your charging port with clean tweezers or a port cleaning tool before you may need to change the port entirely.

Secondly, if your phone gets wet, don’t try to turn it on until it is dry. This way, you save yourself much problem of having to do a major repair or changing the phone entirely.

If you stick close to the advice above, you can make use of your smartphone for three or four years. Or you may take the route of giving it to someone else while you opt for a new one.

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