Tips On How To Fix Galaxy S10 5G Moisture Detected Error

There are certain situations when Samsung Galaxy devices don’t charge; many factors can contribute to its inability to charge. One key factor to this is the presence of water in the charging port. In case you discovered that your Galaxy S10 5G has some moisture detected error when charging, don’t marvel, this article will help you to eradicate such a threatening factor. Our major priority in this article is to teach the spirit of self-reliance in you reading this post; it implies that we will help you see possible ways you can fix your Galaxy S10 5G whenever you experience water in the charging ports. So read in-between the lines and share the testimony.


How To Fix Galaxy S10 5G Moisture Detected Error

Follow this below guidelines if you want to fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G moisture detected error

Dry The Device.

Sometimes you can go swimming, and unfortunately forgot your phone in your pocket before knowing what is happening, and it will have already been soaked with water, or may be raindrops on your Galaxy S10 5G. In any case, the first thing to do is to ensure that it’s dried properly. Ensure that you do not charge your phone when your charging port is wet. Before you charge, ensure you dry out all the water in your charging port, all thanks to Samsung, by design, your Samsung device won’t allow charging if the port is wet. This is to avoid damage to the system.

In the light of modern discovery, any time your charging port is wet Galaxy device always gives you a warning indicating that your phone is wet. If you doubt it, try connecting a charging cable to a wet port, you will notice immediately that there will be an alarm telling you to disconnect with immediately. The warning only stops when it discovered that you had disconnected the cable for the charging port.

To dry the phone, gently shake it continuously, this will gradually get rid of all the water in the charging port. Looking at it on a normal ground. Moisture or water always evaporates on its own within few hours, so If you do not want to stress yourself by shaking the phone, just Let your Galaxy S10 rest near a source of gentle heat such as the back of a TV or your computer vent holes.

The truth is that the natural process of evaporation won’t be enough to clear all the remaining moisture so do not relent, all you need to do is to dry your phone further, you can do this in two ways depending on the availability of materials for you.

Are you aware that the standard way to dry wet electronics is by using uncooked rice? Immediately you are done wiping the device dry, just put it inside a container and cover it with rice. Ensure that the uncooked rice covered all the device fully, to make it short, bury the device inside the uncooked rice, leave it there for about 40 hours or longer. This is indeed enough time to allow the rice to absorb moisture from the port, but please make sure you seal the container throughout this process.

Remember I made mention of two ways you can use to remove the moisture content from your Galaxy S10 5G, so the second way to do this, is to use several packs of Silica Gel instead of rice. You can get “Silica Gel” from your local crafts store. Indeed this is a more efficient way to get rid of moisture from your phone, likewise make sure you leave your device in there for about 40 hours before bringing it out, again make sure the container is sealed up.

If in case you are financially buoyant, you can take the device to a professional to help you out. If you want to try other options to get rid of the moisture, consider the guideline below.


Use Another Set Of Charging Accessories

We also discovered that In some cases, some bad charging cables and adapter could cause damage to the charging port. If that is the case, try charging your phone with another Samsung cable and adapter, if peradventure you have another family member making use of this Galaxy S10, try borrowing his charger or adapter to see if it will charge your phone. So if there is no Moisture detected error when using it, you can bet the problem is with the accessories.

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