Track Your Sleep Quality with Google’s Nest Hub

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub will soon be released on March 30. This is promising news to people who bother whether or not they are having enough sleep.

Of course, now people have more reasons to bother, after having a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disruptions to people’s sleep, combining with several other factors have led to what is known as coronasomnia, which is coined from the word insomnia. Since last year, coronasomnia has been used by a growing number of people to describe sleeplessness.

The new product from Google can help those who are troubled to understand what is really going on regarding their sleep. So, here is something you can depend on if you’re trying to understand your sleep habits.

Nest Hub
Nest Hub

Surveillance issues are minimal when it comes to the use of Nest Hub. The device has no camera and the user doesn’t have to wear any tracker for it to work properly. It is powered by Soli chip-powered Motion Sense technology, built-in microphones, and ambient light and temperature sensors that pick a movement, disturbances such as snoring or coughing, even environmental changes. This helps the device to understand factors that may impact your sleep.

Google Nest Hub was announced in the middle of March 2021. It is the second generation of its kind, equipped with a new opt-in Sleep Sensing feature that is able to tell how well an individual sleeping. It also offers valuable sleep tips and suggestions after it had done a few nights’ analysis.

This product will be released on the 30th March and thereafter, people can have it in their hands in April. Walmart promises to deliver the product to people who order by March 30 on the 15th of April.

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