Twitch, video game-streaming service has been blocked in China

China has blocked the use of Twitch in its borders. It has been something that has been carried out without prior notice. In addition, the application, available in the App Store for Apple devices, has also been removed and there is no trace of it. Bad news, now that the platform was experiencing a huge growth in the Asian market.

Twitch has been blocked in China

So far there has been no official explanation that says anything about the reasons why it has been blocked. It is not known if there will be any clarification soon about the situation.

Twitch confirms the blockade

Twitch itself has confirmed that they have been blocked in China. At first, it was considered to have been a failure, which occurred on September 20. But with the passage of the hours, it was possible to verify that it was not like that and that the application had been blocked completely. From the company say they have not received any explanation at this time about this blockade.

A blockade that comes at a time when Twitch was gaining popularity in Asia and China in particular. It is not known if it was for a legal reason, protection of local alternatives or competition. There are many speculations, but for now, there are no answers.

This is usually the usual tone of the Chinese government. So we do not expect that soon there will be some clarification about it. Meanwhile, users can not have access, nor do they seem to be able to have it in the future.

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