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UMi Touch Is Designed To Be One With The Nature

In the past few months, UMi has released a number of well designed smartphones like the UMi Iron Pro and the UMi Hammer S. But the company is looking to take things to the next level with the brand new UMi Touch flagship. This will be the first smartphone from UMi this year and the company has paid special attention to the phone’s design to make sure that it ends up as one of the best looking metallic smartphones of 2016.

UMi Touch design
UMi Touch design

While designing the UMi Touch flagship, the company has used the golden ratio to ensure that the design is aesthetically pleasing. So, you will find that the overall body, buttons and other parts of the UMi Touch follow this mathematical proportion that’s inspired from the nature. The golden ratio can be found in many of the patterns in nature such as the leaves of a plant. As a result, many known architects and artists have used this ratio to design their products.

UMi Touch side design UMi Touch dim.

The UMi Touch flagship comes with a special 8.8mm R Criterion curved design. Every curve follow 8.8mm radius, achieving the golden ratio of 1:0.618 which is identical to iPhone 6s. Even the buttons and the interfaces have been designed to follow this ratio. The arc design makes the phone look like the iPhone 6S, simple, yet beautiful. The smooth curves and the ergonomic design make sure that the phone is designed to perfection.

UMi Touch photo 2

In order to further ensure the phone had the best design, UMi has used 45 degrees cutting angle in all of its edges including:camera, buttons, LED flash light,front panel, and fingerprint scanner, with a perfect 0.333% cutting rate. This is what gives the phone its smooth metallic finish. The company has continued the 45 degree angle design while designing the fingerprint sensor up front, as well as the camera housing at the back. This gives a sense of continuity in the overall design of the handset.

UMi Touch photo scatter

Since the phone is designed with the proportions of nature, you will find a perfect balance in its looks. The body is thin as well as lightweight but it including a large battery 4000mAh, thanks to the relatively light battery onboard. And the metal design makes sure that the phone is sturdy at the same time. So, the aesthetically pleasing and balanced design, metallic CNC unibody and attention to details makes UMi Touch one of the best looking smartphones in the market right now.

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