Latest VidMate App: Best Video & Music Downloader for Android 2024

The Vidmate App Download link is provided in this article, which we will show you. The app allows you to stream videos, movies, WhatsApp status videos, various types of music, video songs, TV shows, and more. Additionally, you can download free apps from it. VidMate boasts a vast library of Android Apks, with its main focus being video songs. It is particularly popular for downloading movies, as it offers higher download speeds compared to any browser. In fact, when compared to the top downloading browser, UC Browser, VidMate outperforms it in downloading movies. I have personally tested it on my phone.

VidMate is an all-in-one entertainment app, offering movies, hot video songs, WhatsApp statuses, and a variety of Android apps. However, to get it running on your Android device, you need to follow a few steps, which I will explain in this article. I will guide you through every detail to successfully install it on your Android. So, let’s get started. First, let me provide you with the download link.

Download VidMate App Latest Version

You can download the latest version of the Vidmate app directly onto your Android device for free. The download link will be non-profit and ad-free, making it the best platform for Android devices.

Before pulling it to you, I want to reveal the VidMate app information because there is some over-smart browser that I have addressed doing the exchange in requesting apps for downloading. It’s a UC browser! I don’t want to degrade its popularity, but it’s doing that. If you are using such browsers to download any app, please move to Chrome – A trusted Google Web browser. Below is the file information of VidMate Apk.

File Information:

  • App Name: Vidmate free [].apk
  • Version: the latest
  • Developer: Vidmate Studio
  • Apk Size: 10.99Mb
  • Updated: June 2024

VidMate, for some reason, has been kicked out from the Official Google Play store. Because it has violented the policy, they stream kind of adult videos in their Video music and status section. And that is the reason I have a small amount of file information. But it’s quite for you to download the VidMate app correctly on your Android. Just remember the file Name and size when you request downloading the VidMate app from PlayStore. Below is a safe download link that leads to the PlayStore site where the VidMate app is hosted.

Download VidMate Apk Latest Version for Free

How To Download Vidmate App Latest Version

Here is the step-by-step process to download the VidMate app’s latest version safely on your Android:

  1. Click here or the above download link of VidMate app’s latest version using your mobile or computer.
  2. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to Mediafire, where the VidMate app is hosted.
  3. Just click on the download link and wait for your Android device to catch it.
  4. Once your Android caught the file, wait to complete the download.
  5. Done.

Just follow the safe and correct way from above and download the VidMate app on your Android Phone. I have some more important tips for you to download the app safely on your Android.

Important Things To Remember Before Downloading VidMate App Latest Version

  • Use a strong browser for downloading the app. Browsers like Google Chrome, UC Browser, and Opera Mini. These browsers are quite capable of downloading any file. It would help if you had a good browser because sometimes Mediafire sends the file, but the browser fails to catch it, and you can’t get the app. So, make sure you follow this tip.
  • Have a fast internet connection in your Android from carrier or WiFi; when the internet speed is low on Android, the download corruption chances increase because file providers send a file in small sizes like 4Kb, 6Kb, 9Kb, and then 10Kb. Slow internet on Android has a high chance that they will lose those small KBs. And hence you need a fast internet connection on your Android, at least 200kbps, for downloading.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your Android. Most files get corrupted due to the low space available in Android. Only half of the whole file gets saved. So, double-check the storage before downloading the VidMate app if you have low space on your Android and want to make space but don’t want to lose files. Then I recommend going>settings>storage>clear caches. Doing this will make free space on your Android without deleting any files.
  • Don’t Multitask while downloading the file. Doing this also increases the chance of file corruption. Allow your browser to use the resources of Android easily, and it will download the file without any error.

Once you take those above tips in mind, I guarantee you will download the VidMate app correctly on your Android. Now, let me guide you on how to install the VidMate app on an Android phone.

How To Install The VidMate App On Your Android Device Properly

Follow the common steps to install the VidMate app’s latest version on your Android phone:

  1. Open the downloaded app from the file manager or download section of the browser.
  2. Accept all the terms and scroll down to the button.
  3. Hit the install button and wait for a minute. It may take more types depending on your Android device performance.
  4. Once installed, press done.
  5. That’s it.

The steps mentioned above are sufficient for anyone to install a standard APK on an Android phone. However, installing an APK is not as simple as it may seem. Therefore, we have additional tips and tricks for the installation of VidMate on Android phones.

Things To Make Sure of While Installing The VidMate Apk

  • Do not do any task while installing the VidMate app’s latest version. Most of you minimize the installation and think that it will get installed. But by doing that, you make the installation hard, and soon you see a message saying, “The App is not responding.” This is very common, and I’m damn sure you get a lot. So, make sure you don’t multitask while installing the app.
  • End the background application. Always listen to music while doing anything on Android? It’s not good when it comes to installing any app. It would help if you closed everything running in the background to give the installation access to most Android resources.
  • Close the internet connection. Some Android app takes advantage of the mobile Internet to upgrade themselves. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This is a Mod version, and allowing it to access the internet may cause you to get back to the free version of the VidMate app. It may fetch the data from Play Store that is installed in your Android.

To ensure the correct installation of any Apk on your Android Phone, it is important to grant full access to Android resources. You can achieve this simply by refraining from performing any actions while the installation is in progress. Multitasking during the installation process can result in slowdowns, so it is recommended to close all background apps before proceeding with the Apk installation. Now, let me guide you through the steps to get started.

How to Run VidMate Apk on Android

Let me show you the steps by step process to Run VidMate on Android. Here We Go:

  1. Once installation is complete, tap on done.
  2. Close everything running in the background of your Android.
  3. Turn on the Internet connection on your Android.
  4. Start the App and follow the instructions it provides.
  5. That’s it.

Running any app on Android is not hard. For some reason, it can fail, like your Android may not have sufficient RAM for the particular App. Your Android may have the lower Android version, which App doesn’t support. And many more things. You can check all the requirements from the play store or the official App site.

I think I have pretty much explained about VidMate. It’s time to show you some screenshots of it.




VidMate is really an all-in-one App with multiple sections for users like Status, Apps, Movies, Music, etc. You can do all these in one app. This is actually great! Most of the time, we need to install different Apps for specific tasks like watching movies or downloading apps. Now, you have to install one app on your Android phone, and you can do multiple tasks.

I have put the greatest work in writing this article. It would help if you shared it. Hopefully, you liked this one. If so, comment below; you can also comment about this article if you have any questions regarding VidMate. I will come back in 5 minutes. I’ll see you at the next one.

Disclaimer: At TechVaz, we recommend you download all software from the official source. Software from third-party sites can endanger your device. See our Disclaimer page.

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