WhatsApp will pay up to $ 50,000 to fight against false news

False news has become too common. WhatsApp is one of the means by which they expand more easily. This is something that from the instant messaging application they know. Therefore, they announce new measures, including rewards for users. In this way, users who propose ideas to combat these false news can earn up to $ 50,000.

WhatsApp will pay up to $ 50,000 to fight against false news

It is an initiative with which the application seeks to fight effectively against false news. The most useful ideas can take this prize that is sure to be of great help to young entrepreneurs.

WhatsApp fights against false news

Users who are interested in sending their proposals to the WhatsApp itself have until August 12 time for it. So there is time to be able to have concrete ideas on how to fight this false news. Measures that come after the polemics that have affected Facebook and also seeks to reduce the influence and presence of false news.

One of the biggest problems that WhatsApp faces is the processing of information. Since it is not easy to detect immediately which links are false and which are not. This is one of the lines of action of the company in this regard.

The rewards program hopes to attract many users. Especially considering the succulent rewards that the messaging application offers. So we’ll see what ideas come to improve the application soon.

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