Xiaomi re-updates Android 8.0 for Mi A1 after delaying the second round

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A few days ago, Xiaomi delayed updating the Android 8.0 Oreo to Mi A1 because of some bugs in the process. According to the latest press release, Xiaomi has fixed the bug and has updated it.

Below is a list of the errors Xiaomi corrected in this update:

-Optimize the parameters of the sound.

-Remove the quick charger on the lock screen when charging.

-Built-in performance optimizer from MIUI.

-Limit your power consumption when you turn on Bluetooth.

-Additional Korean input method.

-Fixed missing dialer icon in previous update.

-Fixed a bug that sometimes does not work.

-Bug fixes sometimes can not connect to the network.

-Update APP Feedback.

-Improved fingerprint response poorly in previous updates.

Hope this is the perfect Android 8.0 Oreo fix for Mi A1. This is the second time Xiaomi delayed updating Android 8.0 Oreo for Mi A1 due to a bug in the process of using.



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