10 Fitness Apps for Android (Sports Apps) 2023

Fitness Apps
Fitness Apps

We present to you the top fitness apps out there for you in 2023. There’s so much you can do with your smartphone today, such as promoting your fitness through the use of installed apps. These apps are available for download not just on smartphones but also on tablets or other electronic devices. Take note that most of the apps listed work great when you make use of them without paying any money. However, to access premium features, the user can pay some money each month.

1. Daily Workouts: Home Trainer

Android | iOS

Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

The app is good for people who may not have already been in the mix when it comes to engaging in fitness activities. Users have reported the app as a solid yet free choice that keeps the user happy. In case you want to switch to the premium level you will also find it cost-effective. There are sessions for men and women that can last from five to thirty minutes, so they don’t have to over-work their bodies. You have a qualified guide seeing you through the processes as you go. There are more than 95 moves that will put your body in great shape in a short while if you’re dedicated enough to achieve real results.

Features of Daily Workouts

  • Home-based workouts abundant
  • Free to use
  • New users find it simple to understand
  • Varied workout lengths are available

This app doesn’t have some features that other apps boast of, so it may not be seen as an all-important app. However, it will serve the basic needs of most people who are involved in trying to achieve a great body shape.

2. Zones for Training

Android | iOS

Zones For Training
Zones For Training

One reason many of us won’t like this app is that it is not available on Android. At the present time, only iOS users can enjoy the usage of this app. It is free to use once downloaded from the App Store. It works with Apple Watch as fans look to step up their heart rate monitoring. And yes, the app provides intricate details and metrics that they love. Users love it for the following reasons:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Heart rate training zones
  • Heart rate tracking for cardio
  • Strength training

While working out, this app helps you to stay in the heart rate zone. It does that along with Apple Watch in order to keep a tab on your pulse. Zones for Training is the side that monitors your rest and activates heart rate. Through this feature, you can know whether you’re burning fat or not. Monitor it well, for it can let you know when you reach the peak of your activity level. It encourages you to stay in the fat-burning stage or to push yourself further.

Those who are more experienced in workouts benefit more from using this app. However, without an Apple Watch, it is difficult to enjoy this app to the maximum. If the Watch has a first-rate heart rate monitor, then everything is just fine. If you want more nitty-gritty details, this app is for you. Users love the bonus heart-monitoring features.

Features of Zones for Training

  • More experienced fitness experts love it
  • It burns fat, and users get feedback
  • Works well with Apple Watch
  • Heart rate tracking for cardio is available
  • Provides data about workouts

3. Fooducate

Android | iOS


This is for people who want to eat healthy as it monitors nutrition and gives the user tips and information about how to lose weight effectively. For those who want to track more than calories, this is the app needed for such use. The app is 12 years old and today it does more than it did in the past. It works nicely when you are shopping so that you can know which item belongs on the shelf or which one belongs to your cart. Those who want to give their body the nutrient it needs know the importance of this app. The app is also good for notifying you when you lack vital nutrients through a feature that measures daily nutrient counts. The app shows you a ratio of good and bad carbs with pie charts. The app will give you all your food details on a single interface, thus enabling you to track the vital nutritional needs of your body.

Features of Fooducate

  • Barcode scanner available to make data input simple
  • You have the help of the community to get answers to questions
  • Simple charts display macronutrient ratios
  • There are recipes and diet tips
  • Get an easy-to-understand food-grade system

4. Glo

Android | iOS


Yoga people love Glo because it is rightly tailored to their needs. People make use of it because of four things most especially:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Lectures
  • Workshops

This app has gotten many reviews that applaud it for highly customizable sessions, and its ability to download classes and use them offline (without the internet). This app also works with Apple Watch but it is also good without it, so it doesn’t fully rely on the watch. When it connects with Apple Watch, the user can collect fitness data during various sessions and watch them on various iOS or Android devices. Both newbie and advanced users can benefit greatly from the use of this app.

You can have daily curated classes to do things like:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve general strength

Users can also follow regular yoga instructions for updates on the latest best practices. The app is popular for its library of knowledgeable teachers.

Features of Glo

  • Good for both beginner and advanced yogis
  • It integrates with Apple Watch
  • Internet is not always required for operation
  • The well-respected base of teachers
  • Daily classes and updates are available

5. MyFitnessPal

Android | iOS


This app is reputed to be the best fitness app available online. But people will always have one or more reasons to view other apps as more important. Each of us has what interests us at each period of our lives. This app wins at having a robust food and activity database. But that’s not all. There are endless capabilities, in such a way that fitness trackers have been applauding it for a while. The app assists the user to make a wise choice so that he can change habits to meet personal health goals. It also provides the needed customization for each of its assets. It is amazing when you think of the fact that the app has more than 11 million food databases.

Features of MyFitnessPal

  • The app integrates with other apps and devices
  • Boasts database of over 11 million foods
  • It logs food intake
  • It offers customization based on health goals set
  • It has over 350 workouts provided
  • It has restaurant menu logging

6. Sworkit

Android | iOS


On the Google Play Store and App Store, this app is rated high among its peers. Why? Because it gives newbies the opportunities to:

  • Find workouts
  • Learn new exercises
  • Set goals
  • Create a regular fitness routine

There are various goal categories for users to choose from; such as strength, cardio, yoga, or others. Users can also pick from curated classes and enjoy monthly challenges. Experts of different skill levels and other trainers could also enjoy engaging in these curated classes. To begin, set the amount of time that you want to work out, and let the app do the rest.

If you are a beginner and you want to try out different exercises there are a variety of classes to choose from. This app is all you need to be in great shape, provided you are dedicated to success. The advantage is that when you get tired of one exercise, you can move to another. True, variety is the spice of life.

Features of Sworkit

  • It offers flexible focus
  • It is easily integrated with other apps
  • No need to go to the gym or buy any equipment
  • Various workouts are able to get customized
  • Beginners and advanced level users find it beneficial

7. JEFIT: Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

Android | iOS


The app is amazing for being versatile because it could be used on a mobile device or on the web. The app is perfect for anyone that struggles to be on the track during the process of getting fit. Don’t do it alone, for you have a leeway of involving friends and family members so that they can feel what you feel. The peer support you get is very encouraging. The tracking and peer support has been used to encourage beginners to move up to higher levels in their training session.

Users also take this app to the gym in a bid to record the progress made. The app is good at timing your breaks for you so you don’t have to worry about how minutes or seconds you pause when you’re training. You can easily get analytical insight into the progress you are making while working out. If you like to break down information about your workout, this app makes everything simple. Get into the mood of improving at what you do, while encouraging your friends to do the same.

Features of JEFIT

  • Enjoy creating a customizable workout
  • Enjoy the encouragement you get when your pals join you in training sessions
  • You have a large library available to you
  • Analyze workout analytics after each training session

8. Strava

Android | iOS


This app is good for people who want to analyze their performance and progress to see where they need to work harder. Track the following:

  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Calories burned

Share your knowledge with others in the community or get some more coaching from others who understand better how it works. There’s an opportunity for you to follow users who you believe can add value to your fitness training. An app is a good tool for:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Running

Check out the predefined running and cycling routes, and get involved in the monthly challenges and competitions for maximum motivation.

9. Headspace

Android | iOS


If you’re looking to get guided meditations or other vital instructions this app is a good one for that. Also, people who want to incorporate stress reduction into their health and fitness plan can enjoy doing so with the help of this app. The app helps the user to focus before you start training. You may be able to clear your mind when you make use of this app. In fact, experts believe that this app is the gold standard when it comes to meditation. You can enjoy the basic package which teaches you to meditate. After accomplishing this level, users can move further to other levels that help them to achieve other vital goals.

Features of Headspace

  • Beginner guidance suited to your needs
  • The app can help users to address a range of health and wellness issues
  • It promotes mindful practices
  • The weight loss advice is on point

10. Pear Cast

Android | iOS

Pear Cast
Pear Cast

Three things that users love about this app are the ease of getting a personal trainer, getting real-time training, and access to a library of workouts. It is not just a calorie counter or an activity tracker. Users have the opportunity to do other things when they download the app. It is able to integrate with other apps on your device in order to collect vital information regarding you the user. It uses the information available on your smartphone to create personalized workout data. As your data changes, the app also adjusts the information it presents to you.

Features of Pear Cast

  • The app integrates with the music library
  • There’s also a library of on-demand workouts
  • The tracking technology allows for workout recommendations
  • The user gets real-time personal training from expert coaches


These fitness apps can help you to save time and money. Better still, they help you to stick to a nice regular routine that contributes to good health for everyone. Apps like MyFitnessPal seem to have all the features anyone could wish for. It is amazing to know that this app connects to some other apps – up to 50 fitness apps! That makes it very useful for fitness lovers.

Other important apps listed above include:

  • Headspace – good for meditation
  • Glo – good for people who love yoga

If you know the benefit of these apps you will have more than one on your smartphone. If you think the app you downloaded is not doing enough, you may uninstall it and download another. There’s something for everyone in this regard.

In case you intend to explore multiple fitness apps, it may be interesting to you that that the best of the best out of them will offer the following features:

  • They will be free to use
  • They will offer a flexible subscription
  • Multiple workout routines will be available in one app
  • Users can customize a program to suit their needs