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4 Top Alarm Apps for iPhone to Get You Up from Bed


Waking up from sleep is very easy for some but quite difficult for some others. The inability for heavy sleepers to wake up on time can make them late to appointments, office or meetings. What’s more, it can mar their day. If you fall in this category, apps on iTunes are ready to help you. With the alarm apps we’ve reviewed here, it would be very easy for you to jump up from bed when the need comes .

Top Alarm Apps for iPhone

  1. Uhp Alarm Clock

Uhp Alarm app is one with beautiful design where you have the option to color days differently. Many of the features found in other apps are also contained in Uhp which includes the ability to set how many snoozes that comes up, weather info, and the feature of using iTunes songs and your alarm tone. But what makes this app different from other alarm apps, is that you’d get publicly shamed if you’re not up your bed. Uhp will not turn the alarm off if you don’t wake up when the alarm is going off. Also, it will post a message on your social media to tell everyone how laxy you are.


  1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

A determinant of how your day goes is the way you wake up from bed. Sleep Cycler alarm for iPhone and iPad does the monitoring of your sleeping pattern. You are woken up when you are in the moment of light sleep to ensure that you get out of bed in a relaxed mood. Various factors are employed go monitor your sleep such as sound, motion, and many others. In all, you get a app that is free to use, though it has some premium features.


  1. Alarmy

Are you in search of an alarm clock that will force you to wake up, the Alarmy is there for you. This is an alarm clock that is very annoying. And that’s the thing you want – to get out of bed if you can’t. Alarmy forces you to get out of bed and take  a picture in a location that is specified, shake the phone enough to wake you up or solve math problems. Yo can download the app for free and remove ads for 99 cents.


  1. Walk Me Up

This uses pedometer to get you up and walk to stop the alarm from ringing. Just the way the name goes, Walk Me Up not only wakes you up from sleep, it makes you stand up from the bed and walk a certain amount of steps before the alarm goes off. The app allows you to set the amount of steps yourself and it features an “evil mode” which does not allow you to snooze the alarm until the required number of steps has been walked. Shakes can be detected  with the app smart algorithms, so you cannot shake your phone and pass them on as walking steps.


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