5 best Android keyboard apps to use in 2024

The keyboards are more than just apps on our phones. Not only do they help to convey your thoughts, but they also help you type faster and, above all, without errors.

Gboard and SwiftKey are undoubtedly the most used in the keyboard market, however, let’s not forget that there are other apps you can use to write like a professional.

In this post today, we will explore the best Android keyboard apps you should try in 2024.


Bored with Gboard and Swiftkey and looking for an alternative? If so, Fleksy is the next best option to try. It incorporates a nice interface, a good text prediction engine and support for multiple languages.

Also, the keys are not small enough to cause typos and not big enough to look ugly. In addition, you can choose from many individual colored themes and change the size of the keyboard and the space bar.

What I like about this app is that you can also search directly from the keyboard. However, it does not use the Google search engine but has created a new search engine called Qwant.

In addition, you can also search for GIFs, YouTube videos and stickers without leaving the app.


Hitap Keyboard has features that make it independent of its peers. One of its main features are the integrated notes and contacts.

You can directly access all your contacts directly from the keyboard. Just type in the name, and those that match the entered text will be displayed.

Another feature that makes it an indispensable app is his notebook. In addition to the standard copy-paste functionality, it allows you to save frequently used phrases. You can also copy individual words from copied phrases.

In addition to the two features above, Hitap has a myriad of options to customize it to suit your needs. When it comes to prediction, Hitap tries to predict the next word. 

Developer: Funnytap Tech
Price- Free


The Chrooma keyboard has improved a lot in the last two years and now this keyboard is able to compete with other rivals. 

The first thing you will notice is that the keyboard adapts the color of the app currently running, in fact, it is called the chameleon keyboard.

The strength of Chrooma’s keyboard is its intelligent prediction function. You will have to invest some time before you can begin to predict the right word in the right context.

The other interesting features of this app are the quick access bar that allows you to access various options such as emoji, GIF, clipboard, image attachment tab and incognito mode.


The ai.type keyboard allows you to type better and faster, thanks to its ability to learn your writing style, and allows you to customize your keyboard in the way you prefer.

This is why the app requires your permission to access and read all your messages.

In addition to this, it supports a myriad of features including memos, shortcuts for long sentences and a lot of themes. In addition, you can also use the keyboard interface as a touchpad.

Developer: ai.type
Price- Free +


Are you a person who makes typos when he writes in Italian? If so, you should immediately switch to the Grammarly keyboard.

This elegant app allows you to improve your writing skills by reporting typos and embarrassing grammatical errors.

Most errors and horrors are automatically corrected. Besides that, you’ll find other keyboard features like Auto-capitalization, dedicated number line, personal dictionary, emoji button and much more.

Developer: Grammarly, Inc.
Price- Free
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