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5 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Wallpaper makes your phone beautiful and the right app will just do that for you. Finding the right app can be a little intimidating but we’ve helped you with that here. From different categories of wallpaper available, you can spice up the look of your home screen.  Some apps also offer live wallpaper to make things look nicer.

5 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

  1. 500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper is primarily a live wallpaper app that shows regular wallpapers. This wallpaper app downloads images from the 500px  website for you throughout the day for you to pick wallpapers. Amazing images are hosted on the 500px site which is known for great photography and gives you access to choose from them.


  1. Backgrounds HD

This popular wallpaper app boasts of a massive collection of wallpapers and backgrounds which are organized into 30 categories. Features in the app include Material Design, favorites, downloading, and it can set wallpapers within the app. The massive inventory implies that some wallpapers aren’t the highest quality. This was before the advent of the HD screen, but the new ones that appear there are of better quality.


  1. Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli is filled with a unique and cool collection of wallpapers for Android. Top artists are selected from all over the world by the Walli team based on their work. On the home interface, the app is splitted into four sections – categories, recent, popular and featured. The feature section is filled with wallpaper based on a recommendation from the Walli team. An option to sign up is also available for you to sync across multiple devices.


  1. Cool Wallpaper HD

There’s a large collection of images on Cool Wallpaper HD which makes it unique as it has easy navigation. Once you launch the app, you’ll notice that there are a plethora of images for you to choose from. Right now, there are over 100000 collections of wallpapers and more are added daily. It has an easy-to-navigate interface from where you can find images quickly and easily.


  1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

A live wallpaper it is, Muzei provides tons of high-quality wallpapers. Muzei does the rotation of wallpapers on your home screen so that it does not get boring. You get two options. You can either select wallpapers or images from your gallery or get from Muxei exhaustive gallery of artwork. Each piece of artwork also has a bit of history lesson attached to it.


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