5 Best Free Calling Apps for Android Phones

Gone are the days when we use landlines and have to depend on our telecom operator to make calls. With our smartphones and the easily accessible internet of today, we can make free calls and even international calls. These apps make use of internet data, and you can make use of any available WiFi, which comes at very little or no cost. Most of the calling apps also let you do video calls as well as voice calls. Let’s dive in to see these apps…

Best Free Calling Apps for Android

1. Dingtone

1 Dingtone

Google Play has some free call apps and Dingtone is one of them. It offers decent call features. You are given a dedicated phone number in your local area call and you can make phone calls to over 200 countries. Using data lets you call your friends and loved ones but they must also have Dingtone installed on your device.

Calls are not limited to data but you can use credits to make real phone calls which will happen through in-app purchases. Really, it’s not entirely free but you can make free calls if you want to via data.


2. TextNow


You’d have realized that most of the apps that let you do free calling have what you may call a shortcoming – you can’t call those who don’t have the app on their phones. You won’t also be able to make real calls to regular landlines or cell phones. TextNow makes it better and does not follow this way.

If you stay in the US or Canda, you have access to use the app to make unlimited free phone calls to whatever number you want in any of both countries. If you intend to place international calls, you’ll need to pay. Other features that are worth mentioning are call forwarding, voicemail transcripts, caller ID and your own free inbound number.


3. WhatsApp

3 WhatsApp

WhatsApp needs no introduction. It is the most popular messaging app for a mobile device. It has gathered over one billion downloads on Google Play. It also doubles as a calling app and can host calls on all types of data connection including 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, and WiFi.

Due to its free nature, you can make unlimited calls. Voice call is one aspect of WhatsApp. It also can do video calls, group chats, record voice, and video calls. Your contacts appear in the app automatically, so you don’t go through any hassle in adding them.




LINE can allow you to call others freely; hence it deserves to be on this list. The contacts on your phone are auto-synced, so you don’t need to add them separately. It is easy to access to the icon for calling from the chat window so you can call while texting the same contact.

LINE supports group calling too so you can communicate with your group of friends or family. The app doesn’t charge for calls and you can make these calls unlimited. There are filters and effects embedded to use while calling so it’s fun all the way.


5. Google Duo

5 Google Duo

Google Duo does video calling on mobile devices. It is easy to use and free too. To use it requires you to input your phone number and you can start making video calls. The con of the app is that Google Duo has to be installed on the device of the person you’re calling.

Google Duo works on Android and other platforms including iOS. The video calling of this app is in good quality and you can make unlimited calls. Now you can also make voice calls due to a recent update that was added.


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