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5 Best iPhone/iPad Apps to Edit Video in 2024

iPhones are becoming more powerful and so is their camera getting better. You can however beautify and give a professional touch to the videos you shoot with this camera by employing a video editor. Truly, video editors for smartphones cannot match up with their desktop counterpart but can be useful if you want to edit videos quickly. We have for you here 5 best apps to edit your videos on iPhone or iPad.

5 Best iPhone/iPad Apps to Edit Video

  1. iMovie

If you’re just starting out with video editing, then Apple’s iMovie will be fine for you. By using a simple drag-and-drop interface, it is possible to easily assemble your clips, trim their lengths, and then add titles, filters, effects, or even split screen scenes which combine two pieces of video. It also has a feature which is cool that allows users to insert clips into pre-designed spaces in a template. With it, you can generate a professional, Hollywood style movie trailer automatically.


  1. VivaVideo

The word that perfectly describes VivaVideo is “powerful”. You can make use of the perfectly made themes to bring life to your videos. Utilizing all the pro editing tools you can give your videos a professional touch. Importing clips is very easy and you can start to edit them at once. Many sound effects are also present in the app the make your video soundtrack a masterpiece.


  1. Clips

Clips purpose is to give you speed and is aimed at social media generation so it does not follow the path of traditional timelines, titles and the like, rather, it is for something quick. You can record videos with the app or import them by ‘recording’ them into the Clips square viewport, rearrange thumbnails, add in effects, and share the output to the network of choice. You can make your movies more creative by adding Live Titles and animated posters.


  1. FilmoraGo for iOS

This is an easy-to-use app that gives you the freedom to shoot your normal, everyday videos and transform it  to a professional look. All you need do is to choose a video, select an overall theme and design for the video and add the music you like. You get primary video editing functions like trim, filters and transitions.


  1. Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip may not  be as powerful as Adobe Premiere Pro but it’s a lightweight app for bringing photos and videos together. The app is good at what it does, as it comes with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that you can easily media as well as transitions and music, and the ability to import custom effects from other CC tools. When you are through with the whole process, you can export to Creative Cloud


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