5 Best Manga Apps for Android and iOS

Manga is Japanese comics and has gained attention from many parts of the world. Manga has been part of the Japanese culture before now and started becoming popular in the US and other parts of the world. Having manga is one thing and having a great manga reader is another thing. To have the best experience, it is imperative that you have the best manga reader apps downloaded to your phone. We decided to see to this need by providing you with the best manga apps for Android and iOS.

Best Manga Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Manga Rock

1 Manga Rock
Manga Rock

Manga Rock is one of the best manga reader that is available for Android and iOS. With it, you can read manga on your mobile device, anywhere and anytime. Manga Rock has a library from where you can see several manga comics. The app curates contents from over twenty sources. Manga Rock is easy to use and has a great interface that can allow you to view the comics in either the horizontal or vertical orientation of the display.

You can adjust parameters that will impact your reading experiences such as the size of the image or brightness. You can enable full-screen mode to have more information in view. The integrated search tool allows you to search deeply from the manga sources. It boast of many useful features and if you are a manga lover, why not check it out!

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2. VIZ Manga

2 VIZ Manga
VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga is also on this list of the best manga apps that you can download. VIZ Manga features the whole VIZ digital catalog and you’ll be able to consume popular comics such as Dragon Ball Super, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto Next Generations, and the cult classics like Vampire Knight, Official RWBY Manga Anthology, My Hero Academia and more.

The app also refreshes and adds new series consistently so that you have something fresh to read. The app can allow you to create a massive library of mangas that you find interesting. You get to personalize and customize the library to suit you. If you don’t have internet connection at any point in time, the download option will prove useful for you to download beforehand and view mangas in offline times.

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3. Manga Box

3 Manga Box
Manga Box

Manga Box lets you read manga on your phone or tablet and have an exciting reading experience. You will be able to view every part of the manga as the app will adjust the manga content to fit the screen. A very nice thing about Manga Box is its free-to-use nature. The app will allow you to read manga for free.

It not only features popular manga, but you can also find ordinary, less-popular manga in the library. You sure will enjoy every time spent in Manga Box because new content get added every day and this means that you can have access to a new manga to read daily. Just click the link below to download and immerse yourself in the manga world.

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4. Crunchyroll Manga

4 Crunchyroll Manga
Crunchyroll Manga

Cruchyroll Manga will open a world of manga that you’ll enjoy as a manga lover. Cruchyroll Manga is based on a subscription model. You can create a free account from where you access free manga and anime but signing up for a subscription opens to you lots of premium manga and anime including new and upcoming releases.

The UI is not user-friendly and is difficult to navigate which is one of its downsides. If you’re interested in getting the latest manga content, it is much easier than ever with Cruchyroll Manga. It is a great go-to for manga contents.

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5. MangaToon

5 MangaToons

Infused into MangaToon is the Wild West sort of vibe. Various kinds of content exist there coming from big creators and those who upload their content. The developer of the app makes manga that originates from popular novels written by users. As a creative, you’ll surely find the platform useful.

The app has a category system included and a favorites system to bookmark your favorite titles. It has the offline option to download chapters and read when there’s no internet connection is. To purchase things requires that you have a coin which can be gotten by exchanging real money.

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