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5 new features on Facebook you definitely have to try

Mark Zuckerberg is building Facebook into a leading social network with a variety of special features, catering for the majority of user needs. Here are five new features on Facebook that you must definitely try.

1. Create a survey right on your personal wall

The poll helps the user know the majority of the options in each situation. Although the feature has been around for quite some time in groups or messenger, however, making the survey right on the personal wall is better and more convenient right?

Now at the Create Message view, there is an option for Polling, you can ask questions, poll time and response suggestions (up to 2 options, in addition, you have, Can add photos/gif images to make the poll more vivid.

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2. Use a 360-degree panoramic image as the cover image

Users can make their personal pages more special by setting a 360-degree image as the cover image, and Facebook also creates a 360-degree image viewer that allows users to directly create Panorama images.

From the Facebook application, go to the personal page and select the cover photo icon, then choose Take a 360 photo. You can now take a panoramic picture and set it as the cover image.

3. View recent crises, accidents, natural disasters

Emergency Response is a Facebook add-on that helps users update information about crises, accidents and natural disasters around the world, in which they are arranged in chronological order. You can use the emergency response to connect with friends or relatives, make donations, etc.

4. Play entertainment without downloading additional app

Not only Messenger, right on the Facebook application, users can also play games or get entertained with dozens of different games. Plus, Facebook lets you connect with your friends. You can access Facebook’s menu options and select Instant Games.

5. Create extreme images with available effects

Facebook has added a number of beautiful and exotic effects, and you can create stunning images without downloading any additional applications. From Facebook’s camera interface, select the icon in the bottom left corner> to select favorite effect.

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You can download latest Facebook app for both Android and iOS below:

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