5G will cause our extinction in 5 years due to its radiation

The 5G revolution is at the door, and with it, all the continuation of areas of everyday life that will radically change with the “update” to the new connection.

Many human activities will be imbued with the 5G spirit, from IoT to smart cities. But to sustain a revolution of such proportions, it is also necessary to rely on a huge infrastructure base – developed by phone companies – and available for connection probably from the beginning of 2020.

But in all this ferment, what will become of our species? Will we be able to solve the gap between ideal and real technological progress on our own? According to some scientists, we will not be able to answer these questions, because long before we can do so we will condemn our species to extinction.

Because 5G will make us extinct

According to the world-renowned researcher – and emeritus professor of Washington State University – Martin Pall, allowing the final landing of 5G is paving the way for the extinction of our species.

The harsh words pronounced by Pall accuse the companies of never having carried out serious biological tests on the human organism, to verify the responsiveness of the organism to this kind of radiation. Together with him, a large group of scientists and scientists from around the world stood on the same positions, producing a cry that has so far remained, apparently, unheard.

It seems that the main problem corresponds to the damage that radiation from 5G could cause on the cells of our body. Each smartphone has its own SAR, which by law must remain below a threshold, but in the case of 5G, these parameters should be reviewed according to the new situation.

The main risk, that is the real reason why the species could become extinct, lies in the wave of infertility which, according to these scientists, will invest a large part of the new generations. 5G radiation will modify the structure of the genome, creating wrong sequences in it that would make it impossible to produce fully functioning s3x cells (ova and sperm). Since we are playing on a balance that is already very weak in itself, the risk would become extremely concrete if this scenario were to occur.

This is why advocates of a more moderate approach to new technology argue that it is better to wait to understand their effects well. Only later, if necessary, will it be possible to make the connection available for use by the general public.

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