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6 ways to fix iPhone X overheating issue (Solved)

There are so numerous reasons that can cause iPhone X Overheating issue. From playing very demanding and high graphics games to watching HD Videos on YouTube for hours. Living the device in direct sunlight or locked in a car with its windows and doors closed can as well cause the iPhone x to overheat. Generally, iPhone should always be in a cool place.

This is because the glass front and back glass are more likely to retain the heat created by the CPU while doing different tasks on your phone. We will be showing you how to solve the iPhone X Overheating issue and steps to take in order to prevent it from happening again.

iPhone X Overheating Issue (Solved)

Like I said earlier, there are so numerous reasons why your iPhone x is overheating, and we will be detailing all the possible reasons here alongside a working solution.

Before you Start trying the steps below make sure you did not leave your phone in a hot place for too long, like under direct sunlight, in a locked car or any other hot place. If you did then all you need to do is to take the iPhone X away from the hot place to a much cooler place and give about an hour or two to cool down. If not, then follow the steps below

Exit All Background/Running Apps

Running too many apps at once can cause the phone to overheat as the workload it is Multitasking too much for the phone to handle. It is somewhat equivalent to human sweating because he/she is doing more they can handle. So it might be best to lessen the load by removing some of the apps running in the background that we aren’t currently using at the moment.

Furthermore, you can simply leave about 3 apps running at max. That is if you are actively using your phone at the moment. If you aren’t, then you might as well close all the apps altogether. To do this, Access the multitasking window by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and clear the apps running. After that, be sure to reboot your device.

Recently Installed An App?

If you recently Installed an app on your iPhone X before noticing the overheating issue, then an app might be the cause of the problem. Some apps sometimes come with bugs that can cause our phone to malfunction. So if you recently Installed an app, then it might be responsible for overheating your phone.

You can either check if there is an update for the app on the apple app store that fixes the bug. If there is then, you can simply update the app, and hopefully, it fixes the bug and stops the overheating. If it doesn’t then you have no other choice but to uninstall the app.

After updating or uninstalling the app, reboot your phone and check if the overheating persist. If your phone is still overheating then check the next step.

Reset All Settings

Settings can also cause the iPhone X to overheat. It might be that you mistakenly or unknowingly set some settings on your iPhone x in motion that causes the iPhone X to do more than it can handle. Settings that weren’t meant to be used all the time.

Pinpointing the particular settings will be a Herculean task. So it will be best to reset all the settings and then be careful of the kind of settings you use or change. To do this, Access the Settings Menu >> General >> Reset >> Reset All Settings. If you are prompted to input your passcode then do just that and Confirm.

Up-to-date On The Latest Software?

The latest software update as at the time of writing this article is the iOS 11.3 so if you aren’t on the latest update, you might want to do that. The overheating issue might have been fixed on the newer version of the iOS so updating your might just solve the overheating issue.

To check if there is an update available for your phone, simply Goto the Settings Menu >> General >> About. You should see a notification if there is an update available, click on it to update your device. However, if you are on the latest update and still experiencing the overheating problem after doing everything above. Then there is one last thing to try out.

Perfect A Master Reset

This should be used as a last resort to fix your iPhone X overheating issue when all other methods have proven abortive. You will lose not just your settings, but your files on your iPhone so you might want to back it up before performing a Master reset.

To perform a Master Reset Go To Settings >> General Reset >> Erase All Content & Settings. You might be prompted to input a passcode before confirming to reset. This should fix any and all problem wrong with the software.


If the steps above doesn’t fix the iPhone X overheating problem then it is most likely a hardware problem and you should get your phone check out by a phone expert/technician.

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