HomeBoost Efficiency: Adding iOS 15 Home Screen Widgets on iPhone

Boost Efficiency: Adding iOS 15 Home Screen Widgets on iPhone

In recent years, Apple and iOS have been criticized for their incremental updates each year, resulting in a stale user experience. However, this changed after Apple acquired the Workflow team, which led to the introduction of Shortcuts in iOS 12. With iOS 15, Shortcuts received even more updates, including time-based and location-based actions.

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How to Add Shortcuts to Home Screen Widgets

To add Shortcuts to home screen widgets:

  • Open the Shortcuts app Library and select a shortcut
  • Click on “Open Settings”
  • Click on “Add to Home Screen”
  • Click “Done” to open a Safari page
  • Follow the onscreen instructions in Safari:
  • Click on the bottom of the screen
  • Click “Add to Home Screen” (may require swiping left to locate the button)
  • Optional: Enter a new name for the shortcut
  • Click “Add” to place the shortcut on the Home screen
  • Optional: Click the shortcut on the Home screen to open the Shortcuts app and run the shortcut

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What is the Meaning of a “Trusted Shortcut”?

A “Trusted Shortcut” is a shortcut that you know comes from a trusted source. This can include sources like MacStories or Techyloud. When you add an untrusted shortcut, iOS 15 prompts you to review the actions of the shortcut to ensure there is nothing malicious hidden.

What Else Has Changed in Shortcuts for iOS 15?

Shortcuts has become an exciting addition to iOS 15, with major changes rolling out. Previously, Shortcuts required a separate app to be downloaded, but now it is directly integrated into iOS. Other changes include suggestions, automation triggers, events, travel, settings, NFC integration, and a redesigned gallery. These updates aim to make Shortcuts more user-friendly for all types of users.

Few More Changes with Shortcuts in iOS 15:

  • The Suggestions
  • The Automation Triggers
  • The Events, Travel, Settings
  • The NFC integration
  • The Redesigned Gallery

These changes are expected to increase the popularity of Shortcuts among basic users.


Shortcuts is one of the most exciting additions to iOS 15, and its integration into the operating system makes it accessible to all users. With a redesigned gallery and the ability to automate actions based on different situations, Shortcuts has immense potential. As we await the final release of iOS 15, we look forward to more features being added. Please share your favorite Shortcuts and how you automate your life in the comments section.


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