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Building a startup around solar technology, Nigeria’s hope of stable electricity

For quite a very long while, Nigeria has always suffered very unstable electricity, that is being paid for. YES, even after paying the traditional “NEPA bill”, a large chunk of citizens do not enjoy to the very fullest, or even half full, what they paid for. No thanks to the non-challancy of the government which has become a routine.

Little wonder most people have resulted in very illegal acts like electricity “piggybacking” where they, without permission, tap power from another building in a bid to escape paying this utility bill. But after all, these, who, or what will come to our rescue? Solar technology?

Very recently, there has been an increased publicity of Nigeria’s very slow but steady transition to solar technology for the purpose of lighting homes. Just like the days of Thomas Edison when circuit electricity threatened Rockefeller’s Kerosene dominance to light homes, I see Solar power throwing Edison’s out of the market.

Now, with this continuous and very steady growth, don’t you think it is a gold mine for startups? Well, I think so.

Startups are all about finding consumer’s problems and proferring a solution, and in Nigeria, electricity seems to be one of the greatest problems, after our leaders. Have anyone thought about preferring a solution to this issue with the positive use of technology?

Solar technology startup

There are some aspects where a tech startup can be built to take advantage of the solar revolution which might soon hit the country soon. All that is needed is for the founder to go creative and find an idea, in this vast emerging market. MTN recent partnership with Lumos to launch the Lumos mobile, solar electricity is an obvious example of how promising this market seems. So it is left to you as a tech startup founder to take maximum advantage.

What kind of tech startup can you build around solar technology?

First, since the demand and diversion to solar panels are on the increase, have you thought of a startup that would produce these solar panels for use by consumers? While you would not be the first entrant, you’d surely have space at the forefront of the industry.

How about a FinTech startup that specialises on consumers that want to pay to renew their subscriptions, could be called “SolarPay”. So instead of them using airtime to renew as is the case with MTN and Lumos electricity, they could use your platform. How cool?

Also, you could build an online marketplace for customers to buy and sell solar panels and other related goods. Services that centre on the installation of these solar panels could also be rendered on the platform, and so on.

Well, these are just thoughts that have been running through my head and needed to be poured out. It is left for you as startup founders to fine tune it and make a greater idea out of it. By the way, what are your thoughts?

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